Social networking software

Google tabletThe social networks are developing faster and faster and has serious market stake in advertising branch. Definitely they are making the internet more compatible and people closer to their friends. We should not miss the importance of the social networks and their popularity. The social networks are prefered place for advertising of large variety of products, as people see them closer to their lifestyle and their needs. In any case social networks are all around us and almost everyone has profile in the largest networks of the world. This reflected to development of social networking software, which keeps you online and close with all your friends during all the day. The standard communication from the browser and computer are far away, as the technologies are developing fast and giving you access to your facebook or twitter profile from tablets, mobile phones, smartphones and etc. In any case you will be able to use all the extras of your social network, with such software. It is based on the users requirements, so the social networking software is rich on Internet apps, has really good and compatible mobile development and a lot of desktop gadgets and plug-ins. Definitely having this software will keep you informed about all the updates of your friends and will allow you to communicate from everywhere really easy.

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Media converting tool

Asia notebookThe modern way to listen music definitely is based on YouTube and other similar services, which have highest number of visitors in comparison with the all television industry. The mobile application developers are working hardly on new applications for getting your favorite songs and clips easily to your mobile phone or computer. These applications and softwares are really useful for everyone and give to the users ability to reach their favorite singers and to listen their music in any part of the world. In any case the flv format, which is used in Youtube can be easily transfered to mp4 and watch it everywhere. The flv to mp4 converter is one really powerful tool, which will allow you to convert a lot of files, easily and fast, by decreasing their size and keep the quality. Also the All-in-One Media Conversion tool, can do everything you need to do accomplish so many video-related tasks. Definitely each conversion and video editing is just an easy job, but also the users can use it for DVD ripping, Stream Video Converting and other things. In any case such tool is quite important for the modern life, if we have in mind that all the medias are online and we used to watch the music directly from internet.

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Lenovo LePad S2005

Lenovo LePad S2005The Lenovo’s new device combines the functions of smartphone and tablet. LePad S2005 model provides a 5-inch LTPS screen with a resolution of 800×480 pixels and runs an operating system OS Android 2.3.5. The hybrid is powered by a dual-core ARM processor of Qualcomm clocked at 1,2 GHz. It has 1 GB of RAM, the main 5-megapixel camera capable of shooting 1080p video and 1.3 megapixel camera frontal. There are more and microUSB ports microHDMI, and support networks HSPA. The battery has a capacity of 1680 mAh.
Lenovo LePad S2005 is executed in shell thickness of only 10 mm and weighs 200 grams. Sales of the device will begin in the coming days, initially in China. The price has not yet been announced.

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Features And Functionalities Of A Booking Engine

Samsung RF712Online booking is a specific and well-developed travel industry cluster that finds itself between traditional tourism market and telecom and technology services. Today experts are talking about online travel revolution, digitization and diversification of travel business models. Booking airline tickets is the best example of how online distribution affects otherwise quite conservative business and poses new challenges in front of company owners.

The main aim of a B2C travel website is to automate booking delivery on a specific website by use of professional software, mostly integrated with sales channels from other travel companies (airlines, hotel chains, tour and travel agencies etc.). Core functionalities and additional features of a typical online booking engine can vary depending on its purpose and the type of company it belongs to, but, generally, its value is measured by the number of suppliers connected and the character of relationships with them. A company or an agent can book a ticket from most major airlines via global distribution systems, but their integration can be comparatively costly for an ordinary online travel agency.

Booking itself is not the only function of a travel website, and many travel portals don’t implement a booking engine. It is possible to create online new hotel reservation systemat the top of existing ones, though a longer chain of intermediaries and use of third party resources affects the final price, sometimes making it rather uncompetitive. The largest part of online travel websites belongs to so-called aggregators. The main function of their software is to collect data on available seats or rooms. Such services can be extremely data-intensive, as the scope of information they analyse includes offers from other online travel agencies, websites of tourism product suppliers, and more. This is called metasearch, and most of metasearch websites does not include booking itself. After he or she had compared prices and made the final choice, the customer is redirected to the booking website that contains this exact offer. Nevertheless, some biggest players on this market have already introduced their own booking engines.

Consolidators are another type of booking services. This kind of companies operates both in hospitality and in transportation ticket distribution markets. Consolidators buy blocks of apartments or airline tickets in advance and then resell their inventory for a special price. Thanks to regular character of relationships between consolidators and hotels or airlines these booking agencies have the possibility to buy in bulk at discount rates.

Is it necessary to implement compulsory travel website softwarefor serious companies? The answer is “yes” for the majority of medium and large scale enterprises. Availability and costs of airline tickets, hotel rooms and other services like car rentals are changing literally every minute, and global travel product supplies distribute this information with no delay by use of web technologies. To tap into this vital source of information, the company needs a booking system integrated with the suppliers’ software. Apart of such business-oriented systems, technology vendors also offer a big number of tools to optimize search and booking of different tourism products online, including customer mobile solutions and social applications.

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AMD launched new processors for virtualization

AMD Opteron 6200AMD today launched two new series of server processors with improved performance, scalability and efficiency. Opteron 6200 and 4200, known, code-named Interlagos and Valencia, increased virtualization scalability with up to 73%, the company said. The chips provide greater bandwidth for more virtual machines on servers and processing of continuously increasing loads. In general, businesses will receive a 84% higher productivity, says AMD. Opteron 6200 and 4200 made more effective “cloud” working with half the energy of the nucleus, 2/3 less space for installation and up to two thirds lower cost platform. The series includes a complete portfolio of processor 4 to 16 cores. Achieved the highest energy efficiency compared to previous generation platforms – up to 4,375 W per core, and the highest 2P server TPCC result.
The new processors support up to 4 channels of memory modules with memory to 1600 MHz and up to 12 DIMMs on the CPU, or 384GB total memory to the CPU. Are also supported up to four x16 HyperTransport (HT3) links to the 6,4 GT / s link. According to AMD, the industry is at a critical juncture: virtualization offer new levels of consolidation and businesses are turning to cloud for even greater flexibility and efficiency. “We designed the new AMD Opteron processor just for that moment,” said Paul Strasekar, corporate vice president and general manager, Commercial Business, AMD. The leading OEM manufacturers now offer cloud, enterprise and HPC systems based on server processors AMD Opteron. The new series chips will offer a balance of performance, scalability and efficiency, indicated by the company.

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AMD Memory

AMD MemoryAMD launched the largest retail network in North America its first branded memory modules for desktop PCs. The debut of AMD Memory is supported by partners and patriot Memory VisionTek Products, the company said. Marked with AMD Memory products will help consumers to make easier decision when choosing a memory when looking at better matching products for multimedia and gaming PC platforms based on the company. In developing platforms for PCs AMD has used the tool to optimize performance AMD OverDrive, to test and optimize the DRAM memory of working with other company products – APU, CPU, GPU and chipset. This approach helps now AMD’s tuning and optimization of the memory modules to other manufacturers such as Patriot Memory, and VisionTek Products.
The new product line will enable retailers to offer AMD packages and memory, focusing on important qualities such as compatibility and stability. Users will be able to buy a complete package designed for top performance and best value for consumers. The AMD Memory is available in three different capacities – 2GB, 4GB and 8GB – with different price levels and speeds. In the category “Entertainment” (Entertainment) will be 1333 MHz, 1600 MHz memory for quiet applications like “Home Theater PC”. The option “Performance” (Performance) supports speeds up to 1600 MHz with low latency, and are supplied in kits “couples”.

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RenuTeck systems

Nokia tabletI found out about RenuTeck from a friend who had a system installed on their roof. They came highly recommended. Here are some of the strong points of this company:
-They offer a lease option with no money down and with a savings guarantee
-The installation was beautiful, they painted all conduit and obviously put pride in their work
-The installation crew was very professional and timely
-Their system has already saved me money and I don’t have to give as much of my business to the electric company
-They pay me $500 per referral, and I have already sent them two customers!
-Their warranty even covers washing off the solar panels
After meticulously researching other companies, I highly recommend RenuTeck Inc. They can be found at

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HP with new accessible netbook for students

HP laptopHP demonstrated a tiny netbook – HP Mini 100e, designed to increase access to schools reliable but affordable computer technology. Model HP Mini 100e Education Edition combines modern design with innovative functionality and reliability that are vital to the classroom. Through its hardware and software features netbook is designed to help overcome the “digital divide” in developing countries by offering students and teachers the opportunity for interactive learning at an affordable price. HP Mini 100e comes with software necessary to perform all tasks and school security by Microsoft. Are part of Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Math and Microsoft Security Essentials.V addition HP Mini 100e keyboard is resistant to spill, which protects the device in the classroom. In addition netbook has a special LED light that indicates when the computer is connected to the network and thus offers better control by the teachers. HP Mini 100e offers Wi-Fi interface and an integrated modem, which covers standard V.92. This allows dial-up Internet connection for remote areas. So students can easily connect to the network from anywhere where there is Internet access through telephone line.

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LCD and LED TVs for your office

LCD TVOne of the most important part of the computer in your home and office is the monitor. Definitely the screen of your monitor should be from the highest quality, to be good for your eyes and to protect them. As most of us are spending a lot of time in front of the computer, we need of quality screen and very good resolution, which will help us to work good and with low fatigue. The companies like BigBrownBox give large variety of screens and monitors, which will protect your eyes and will give you the quality you need. Definitely the monitor should have good resolution, good brightness and contrast. Definitely the monitor should be large and to show you more details of the work. But not only the monitors are important for your office and home.
A lot of companies replaced the standard multimedia projectors with modern LED TVs, which are making the presentations. Such TVs should have good quality and HDMI output. Also the LCD TVs will give to the clients the good visibility to your presentation and really high quality of the resolution. It is also highly important that such equipment is highly cheaper than the standard multimedia projector. Definitely the technologies are improving faster and faster, so the companies are using the moderns screens technology to make their presentations and do their job.

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Need for Online Back Up and Storage

HP Pavilion DellThe major benefit of the internet is the ability to store data online. Today, online backup has become a necessity as it provides users an advantage over its counter parts. The need for storing data online is:
Data is secure at all times
Protection from theft of data- many of the service providers encrypt your information, so that your documents are safe from hackers or employees of the providers. These encrypted documents can be accessed only through codes which are specifically assigned to you.
Files can be accessed any time and from any place- as long as you have an internet connection and a computer, data will be available at your finger tips. Thus you need not carry storage devices where ever you travel.
Life of stored files is longer and possibly indefinite.
The crowning glory of online back up is that the data is updated almost automatically. The programs eliminate the need for manual back up as the data is updated automatically as per the designed schedule.
One thing to remember is that life is always unpredictable, so ensuring that our documents are safe is our personal responsibility. If you are prepared, during times of difficulty you can sail smoothly. One of the popular online data back up software is Carbonite that offers high protective mechanism against data loss. The other popular brands in the market are Norton Backup, Acronis Backup, Keepit, Keepvault and Drop Box.

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