HP Pavilion tx1250

HP Pavilion tx1250The body is mainly made of metal, which, after hundreds of plastic models made me extremely impressed. Alone know how I am impressed by the articles in front of the composite hull IBM Thinkpad. Everything here is mostly metallic, very high quality and stylishly constructed. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful seen from my laptop. Interesting patterns from a new HP Pavilion series are available on the metallic housing. Hinge of the rotating touch-screen display is also very solid metal – there is no slack. Light is underway between the two parts – a display and lower body in the closed position due to the diligence of the engineers to make universal bilateral fastening. HP Pavilion tx1250 is the lightest of laptops, but this is due to the heavy and reliable material from which it was prepared. Dimensions themselves are very compact. Hardware. “The heart of the tx1250 is Mobile DualCore AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-56 1.8Ghz processor. Processor that powered the large 17-inch Pavilion dv9000 and I think it is unnecessary for a powerful mini-laptop. Video system is based on the NVidia GeForce Go 6150 64MB (288MB Turbo Cache). Video card is doing quite well with their tasks – from more modest games to decode the HD format (which decoding is done mainly by a powerful processor as cards with hardware support for HD are 8th series of NVidia up). The platform is based on the highly successful and reliable NForce 430. Stability of the platform very close to that of the Centrino Duo machine, so as big manufacturers like HP is such a trusted system. (more…)

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Review of 21″ LCD HP f2105

HP f2105The LCD monitors in stores are becoming less expensive, but increasingly poor. Illusory opinion is that a little money can have the real LCD monitor with good parameters. According to the unrealistic and aggressive marketing techniques, new monitors are increasingly low response (in ms.) Ever higher levels of contrast. As a person with experience in working with multiple monitors, I would definitely emotionally these marketing techniques and gimmicks such as lies and speculation. On the other hand, however, marketing departments skillfully use alternative methods of reporting response (levels of gray, rather than switching from white to black) and announced to the contrast is different from the standard indicators. The difference is really shocking and TN + film monitor failed catastrophically when directly compared to PVA / MVA or S-IPS monitor. The lack of real and full color with TN + film monitor is detrimental not only to designers and artists, but for each user. Lack of full range of colors and good contrast levels, viewing angles forces the brain to exert to compensate for the lack of contrast of colors and gradations. You know how a person with bad eyesight suffers from constant headaches, because his brain tries to compensate for incomplete or distorted visual information, this case is analogous. People working with TN + film matrix is tiring within 2-3 hours, while designers and artists with professional PVA / MVA or S-IPS displays no problem working over ten hours (when they need). From personal experience I can share that after 5-6 hours of regular work TN monitor I feel very tired while using S-PVA, S-IPS monitors without problems even if I can stand 15 hours before the monitor. The longest I’ve worked with PVA monitor DELL (1905FP), but the greatest pleasure I felt the work of HP 2035 (S-IPS). (more…)

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TOSHIBA TECRA is the Japanese ThinkPad

TOSHIBA TECRAAfter IBM has withdrawn from the market of laptops is felt an urgent need for reliable high-end laptops. Sole market leader ThinkPad raised very high level of quality and reliability. Other large manufacturers since the time of the ThinkPad business had prepared a series of good quality. Similar to ThinkPad T-series is from DELL Latitude, from Toshiba is TECRA. Along often defective “satellites”, the Bulgarian consumer is left with the impression of poor reliability of laptops TOSHIBA. Tecra However, “S-class, Toshiba and unlike the image and expensive Qosmio series is designed to work – engineering, design, diagnostics and others. In our office we have several models TECRA from different generations, including dual-core model. Is commendable that all TECRA models with external video card (ATI Radeon, NVidia GeForce or professional Quadro). TECRA interesting feature of the model is setting the volume, which is based on the classic disk controller rather than buttons “+” and “-” or “<” and “>”. (more…)

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The best gamers’ laptop

Gamers LaptopMy aim was to compare the most powerful video from the system and processor laptop with a desktop machine, assembled with organic budget. Many took time to find a suitable gaming laptop. Our previous favorite – HDX9000 “Dragon” is too weak to compare with the video card on an average modern configuration. We stopped on DELL XPS M1730 with an incredible two NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTX video cards in SLI! Real madness for a laptop. CPU is Core2Duo T7700, 2.4GHz, 4MB – a solid performance. Sorry we could not find a DELL XPS with the most powerful processor Q9700. Before you see that window do not believe that the laptop coexist two 256-bit video cards in SLI mode: To be fed this huge laptop, DELL have provided enormous Adapter (for unexplained reasons, which is similar to that for HP Pavilion HDX9000). Heat separated from the worker is scary M1730 – desktop had the feeling that every moment will be dissolved. (more…)

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LG launches 3D Blu-ray system for Eastern Europe

LG 3D Blu-rayLG launches the Bulgarian market a new 3D Blu-ray home theater system, which relies on “alternative technological innovation.” LG HX806PE was developed specifically for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the company said. With its adjustable height columns, LG HX806PE can be both elegant and save space. In addition to ensuring economical use of space, this Full HD 3D home theater system matches the location of the TV. The version 5.1 surround sound is only a function of HX806PE, along with audio and 850W LG well-known features, including LG Sound Gallery and BD Live. The system provides easy access to PC and storage devices like CD, DVD and external hard drives. Supports many popular media formats, including. MKV, and DivX. Netcast function even allows users to search content on YouTube, AccuWeather and web albums Picasa, without a computer. Eliminated time-consuming and file sharing via cable. Thanks to DLNA compatible digital devices to exchange files is much easier. Whether it comes to movies, songs or photos, LG televisions reproduce them at the touch of a button, without requiring cables.

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Netbook or small laptop?

Netbook Small LaptopHighly dependent on the benevolence of INTEL, websites reviews tactfully silent about actual performance of Intel Atom processors and the performance of Atom + i945 platforms compared with other single-core solutions to Intel. Objective of our test is to show the real performance of the Intel Atom, compared with the older and would slower Pentium M (Centrino processor). Test machines are: – DELL Inspiron Mini 9 (9-inch netbook with Intel Atom 1600MHz Hyper Threading); – IBM ThinkPad X40 (12-inch mini-laptop with LV Pentium M 1400Mhz (Dothan 2MB) processor); – IBM Thinkpad X31 (12-inch mini-laptop with a Pentium M 1400Mhz (Banias 1MB) processor); – Toshiba Portege R100 (one of the most thin and elegant 12-inch mini-notebooks with ULV Pentium M (Banias 1MB) processor). Laptops are tested with the OS – Windows XP Professional SP3. Before proceeding to the test results and analysis will make a brief overview of mobile machines. DELL Inspiron Mini9 – unlike the prototype of the Netbook from Asus, DELL mobile device is very beautiful, elegant, with an excellent display with high resolution (1024 * 600), which does not need to constantly scroll pages and images. The keyboard is quite comfortable, but obviously not up space for functional butoni.Bateriyata is quite durable (over 3 hours), which is normally a super-economical ATOM. Model has a camera that is binding attribute of the modern laptop / netbook. Mini-machine no hard disk and Solid State “HDD”, which has both advantages and disadvantages. Main drawback is the small size memory. (more…)

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NEC 2070NX – high quality 20″ LCD S-IPS monitor

NEC 2070NXAfter the magnificent HP 2035 (online survey) drew our attention to another 20-inch S-IPS monitor. This is NEC 2070NX – Japanese model from 2008. This is another model of NEC, which proves that Japanese companies are № 1 producer of monitors. EIZO and NEC for many years among the top producers of super-monitors for professional applications. On the other hand EIZO and NEC benefit Korean TFT panels – P-PVA, S-PVA, PVA (a Samsung) and S-IPS (of LG Philips). In fact, * VA technology was developed by a Japanese company – Fujitsu, IPS panel is a joint product of other Japanese – Hitachi and NEC. In our previous article we describe in detail the extent to which S-IPS is distinguished by mass TN + Film monitors. Summary can mention: – S-IPS have a much more realistic picture – 8-bit color against a 6-bit TN + Film; – Much less damage to eyesight – Standard TN monitor tired eyes for 2-3 hours of S-IPS can work 10-12 hours without apparent fatigue; – S-IPS has a much more real color reproduction, so it is used for design and prepress; – Visual angles of S-IPS are incomparably better than TN-Film, and therefore the best LCD televisions with S-IPS panel. (more…)

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Intel and HP will make new generations of the processor Itanium

ItaniumItanium server processor is not dead and have a future, it is clear from the statement of representatives of Intel and HP. Both companies denied a recent allegation of Oracle for the death of Itanium.
Intel promised to release at least two generations of its server processor. The company claims that its specialists continue to work on developing the chip.
In confirmation of this from Intel revealed several code names and details for the future processor Itanium. In particular, it comes to chips Poulson, who have 8 cores and will produce 32-nanometer process.
Like the future chips Sandy Bridge-EP and Westmere-EX, CPU Poulson has circular design in which the nuclei are placed outside of the silicon crystal in the center is a cache.
Oracle, in turn, attacked the market for HP servers. The both companies had exclusive partnership since 2008 in the servers for storage. Later, however, Oracle has acquired Sun and terminate the exclusive contract with HP, and began to launch Sparc systems and argues that they are better than HP machines.

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Three must-have extensions for you Magento site by Webtex Software

Magento laptopMagento e-commerce platform is gaining its popularity. It won 26% of e-commerce platforms’ market in February 2013 comparing to 23% in October 2012. It’s getting more popular for good reasons: it’s open source, and has impressive set of features right out of the box.

But in spite of the fact that Magento possesses rich built-in tool-set, some of the features can be achieved only with the help of external plugins. You can find many free and paid ones on the main Magento marketplace – magentocommerce.com.

Here is a short collection of must have extensions to boost your online business:

One page checkout

To retain those customers who have already reached checkout stage, you might use Magento one page checkout extension by Webtex Software. The add-on is developed according to an e-commerce study and deploys e-com best practices. Moreover deploying the extension will improve your shoppers’ user experience, and increase customers’ loyalty.

Wedding gift registry

If you sell family-friendly goods or home appliances merchandise on your site, Magento wedding registry extension can become a sufficient source of new customers to your site. It enables wedding wish lists on your Magento site. How it works? Newlyweds sign up to your site and create wish lists for their guests. They add goods from your catalogue to the gift registry. The guests can tick goods whey are willing to give.

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Outsourcers say: most demanded developments are Java applications

java coderIf you visit any IT-forum or conference, you’ll notice that one of the most debated topics is related to advantages of programming languages. Each language has followers and ill-wishers. Many arguments sound pro and contras of any language. But if we carefully examine the market of outsourcing software development, we’ll have to admit that many projects are connected with Java-language.

Such disposition has organizational reasons

Java was founded by solid company. Its managers knew all about promoting of products and grasping of developers attention. They leave no stone unturned to produce a certain image of easy-to-use and supported programming language. Such efforts come of Java’s popularity and high demand.

Just look at the list of sounding names which have banked on this language: Amazon, Yahoo, eBay, LinkedIn, etc. And there is no need to remind about Android applications based on “coffee” language. Besides, there is an opinion that Google is a driving force of Java popularity. If the company puts aside this wide-spread language, the days of Java on leading positions are numbered. Only time will showif such belief is fault.

Are technical advantages of Java real?

Let’s now throw light on technical aspects of Java language. It is commonly known that developers focused on Java have lower labor performance characteristics. They have to abandon creative impulses to comply with tough frameworks. As a result they are freely interchangeable. That’s why companies prefer to take Java developers into service.

None of languages can defeat Java recently. Java apps development (check more here) remains on the top of computing world. Even noticing that its competitors are more creative and quick for working, no one can argue that prospects of Java are rather rosy.

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