Oct 302013

MediaTek MT6592In November, the market will come first true 8- core processor for smartphones. All cores on the chip will run at the same time, the Asian developer promised MediaTek. Leading Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei, Lenovo and ZTE planning shortly to launch smartphones with CPU MediaTek MT6592. Company developer from Taiwan will start deliveries of 8 -core chip of 20 November, reported The China Post. The processor was announced in late July. Currently plans to launch smartphones with him have shown eight Chinese manufacturers of mobile devices, incl. leaders in the sector. The chip will be manufactured by Taiwan’s TSMC on 28-nanometer technology. Massive influx of 8-core gadgets market is expected in 2014, as they take a few months to absorb the mass production of the processor. MediaTek highlights the fact that the MT6592 is the first true 8- core processor for smartphones, in which all cores can run simultaneously. This will enable smoother animations games and smoother video playback and web browsing. In the tests with the application AnTuTu CPU generates about 30,000 points. This result is relatively high, but inferior to the performance of some of the existing 4-core chips by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. The maximum clock frequency of the MT6592 is 2 GHz.
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Oct 292013

Panasonic Toughbook CF-AX3Panasonic presented their newest innovation device CF-AX3, which combines the capabilities of two devices – Ultrabook and Tablet. It features a 11.6-inch Full HD IPS screen covered with glitter and a powerful processor, next-generation Intel. The multitouch screen Toughbook CF-AX3 and F-AX3 respond to 10 touches at once. The processor Intel Core vPro i5-4300U prolongs battery life and supports the “hot swap” battery, so as to ensure performance for one day.
The computer runs under Windows 7 or Windows 8 has built-in wireless modules Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n. An optional 3G and 4G/LTE support. There are VGA and HDMI ports for connection to an external display.
Panasonic Toughbook CF-AX3 was released in Europe in November of the expected total cost 2233 USD for a standard configuration.

Oct 282013

Dell M3800The American manufacturer Dell introduced on the market a new notebook that features a stylish design and performance of the workstation. Dell M3800 model is implemented in a thin 18 mm carbon fiber casing with aluminum frame and aluminum lid. The 15.6-inch touch screen is protected by glass Gorilla Glass and is available in versions with a resolution of 1920×1080 or 3200×800 pixels.
The model M3800 also has a choice of different processors Intel Haswell Core i7 and graphics card Nvidia Quadro 2GB with support for multiple external display with a resolution of 4K.
The option is available for two batteries, incl. 91Wh, which provides up to 10 hours of battery life. M3800 was released on November 14, priced at about $ 1,800.

Oct 272013

Acer C720Acer, a major player in the market for chrome-books, dropped consecutive model line C7, the new processor Intel’s Haswell. C720 provides a 11.6- inch screen with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and sells for 249 USD. The dual-core processor Intel Celeron 2955U running at a clock frequency of 1,4 GHz. The configuration includes 4 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal flash memory, wireless Wi-Fi module and port USB 3.0.
The C720 weighs 1.25 kilograms and is about 19 ​​mm thick. Acer is expected to launch similar chromebooks, but with a touch screen and support for 4G LTE communications. Earlier this month, HP also announced Hsawell-based chromebooks for 279 USD – this is the model Chromebook 11. Using Intel’s new processor leads to a significant increase in battery life – up to two times compared to the previous generation chrome-books. The chrome-books are devices for Internet browsing and cloud managed by the operating system Chrome OS.
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Oct 262013

Toshiba MQ02ABFThe storage products division of Toshiba create thin hard drive that will hold my breath manufacturers of laptops.
The hard disk MQ02ABF new HDD is the first device with two magnetic plates together in a package with a thickness of only 7 mm. Until now, such discs with two thick slabs were 9 mm and those with a – 5 or 7 mm. Toshiba offers its new 2.5-inch HDD in two versions with volumes respectively 750 GB and 1 TB. The CD works on speed 5,400 RPM (revolutions per minute), which may seem low to anyone, but it should be borne in mind that today’s laptops use a fast SSD for caching data.
The model MQ02ABF will find use in thin and light notebooks. The cost of the new hard drive is not yet announced by the Japanese manufacturer. The device will be available in November.

Oct 252013

Apple iPad AirApple update its popular iPad tablet with a sleek, lightweight device called iPad Air, modeled on laptops MacBook Air. Of the long-awaited event in San Francisco, the company also introduced iPad Mini with Retina display, desktop Mac Pro with an entirely new tubular design and new laptops MacBook Pro. The iPad Air comes with a 9.7-inch screen and weighs just 450 grams, 630 grams compared to its predecessor. The new tablet is thin as 7.5 mm or 20% less than conventional iPad, a casing is generally more compact with 43%. Air tablet relies on the new 64-bit processor A7 of Apple, “motion” M7 chip and Retina display. The device will be available from November 1st for 499 USD in the version with 16GB and Wi-Fi – as the price of the previous model. While Apple raises the price of the iPad Mini with Retina display to 399 USD, 329 USD so far for his predecessor, who in turn cheaper at 299 USD. New iPad Mini will go on sale from November 1st. The A7 processor debut in the iPhone 5S, presented last month. This is the first 64-bit chip for mobile devices that brings significant advantages in speed of calculation (4 times) and graphics (8 times). The chip provides flexibility and Apple to develop ARM- based PC, if it decides to seek alternative X86.Noviyat Intel Mac Pro, announced earlier this year, will hit the market by the end of the year with a starting price 2,999 USD. The computer is designed in black cylindrical shell, in stark contrast to the standard desktop design. MacPro builds on the Intel Xeon E5 processor with 12 cores and 64GB RAM. This is the first Apple computer with two GPU and support for 1TB flash storage. Users can connect to the machine three displays with a resolution of 4K.
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Oct 242013

Samsung RF712Online booking is a specific and well-developed travel industry cluster that finds itself between traditional tourism market and telecom and technology services. Today experts are talking about online travel revolution, digitization and diversification of travel business models. Booking airline tickets is the best example of how online distribution affects otherwise quite conservative business and poses new challenges in front of company owners.

The main aim of a B2C travel website is to automate booking delivery on a specific website by use of professional software, mostly integrated with sales channels from other travel companies (airlines, hotel chains, tour and travel agencies etc.). Core functionalities and additional features of a typical online booking engine can vary depending on its purpose and the type of company it belongs to, but, generally, its value is measured by the number of suppliers connected and the character of relationships with them. A company or an agent can book a ticket from most major airlines via global distribution systems, but their integration can be comparatively costly for an ordinary online travel agency.

Booking itself is not the only function of a travel website, and many travel portals don’t implement a booking engine. It is possible to create online new hotel reservation systemat the top of existing ones, though a longer chain of intermediaries and use of third party resources affects the final price, sometimes making it rather uncompetitive. The largest part of online travel websites belongs to so-called aggregators. The main function of their software is to collect data on available seats or rooms. Such services can be extremely data-intensive, as the scope of information they analyse includes offers from other online travel agencies, websites of tourism product suppliers, and more. This is called metasearch, and most of metasearch websites does not include booking itself. After he or she had compared prices and made the final choice, the customer is redirected to the booking website that contains this exact offer. Nevertheless, some biggest players on this market have already introduced their own booking engines.

Consolidators are another type of booking services. This kind of companies operates both in hospitality and in transportation ticket distribution markets. Consolidators buy blocks of apartments or airline tickets in advance and then resell their inventory for a special price. Thanks to regular character of relationships between consolidators and hotels or airlines these booking agencies have the possibility to buy in bulk at discount rates.

Is it necessary to implement compulsory travel website softwarefor serious companies? The answer is “yes” for the majority of medium and large scale enterprises. Availability and costs of airline tickets, hotel rooms and other services like car rentals are changing literally every minute, and global travel product supplies distribute this information with no delay by use of web technologies. To tap into this vital source of information, the company needs a booking system integrated with the suppliers’ software. Apart of such business-oriented systems, technology vendors also offer a big number of tools to optimize search and booking of different tourism products online, including customer mobile solutions and social applications.

Aug 162013

NVIDIA GeForce GTX460Even with the second and third delay of the new graphics accelerators company based on GF100 core was obvious that NVIDIA have very serious problems with this development. Subsequently the plates came , but could not justify the heightened expectations, on the contrary. Quite expensive and not so productive, GTX480 and GTX470 showed that NVIDIA has the capacity still poses serious architectures and accelerators, but this time failed to do so properly, a not to mention again how long the delay was. Then appeared lightweight version called the GeForce GTX465, which had to offer GF100 to users with smaller financial resources, but for gamers having already GTX275 or GTX285 GTX465 purchase was practically useless – the same level of performance, but higher consumption. And on top of that such replacement would cost a lot of money. While many users wondered how NVIDIA managed to disappoint them again by the appearance of GTX465, the company managed to show something new, something different, something that was not created using the core GF100 (or at least not directly) – GeForce GTX460.
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Aug 142013

VIA ARTiGO A1100Technically, it would not be correct to classify this proposal by VIA – ARTiGO A1100, as a desktop computer because a standard computer chassis we could accommodate at least a dozen such. Meanwhile, ARTiGO A1100 can not be defined as a portable computer because no monitor, keyboard, mouse, trackpad, touch interface and etc. So I will be content with the hybrid term nettop, which recently saw each other less frequently. In fact ARTiGO A1100 is called. The system size as three decks of cards . All you need to add to get a full-featured HTPC mini computer, RAM and storage space for data (HDD, SSD). The form factor is a Pico-ITX and of VIA have been able to fit on a compact chassis 64-bit processors VIA Nano (1.2 GHz) with chipset VX855. It provides a Gigabit Ethernet network interface, integrated SATA controller, four USB 2.0 ports, and integrated VIA Chrome9 AGP GPU controller for acceleration of MPEG2, MPEG4 and H.264 encoded videos without serious load on the CPU. As for the video outputs have digital HDMI and VGA analog ports. Adding RAM memory to ARTiGO A1100 becomes quite standard way by DDR2 SODIMM modules. The slot for the installation of a hard disk or SSD is logical with 2.5 inch size, about the installation again nothing special, except that screws a bit smaller than those of desktops.
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Aug 132013

Magento laptopMagento e-commerce platform is gaining its popularity. It won 26% of e-commerce platforms’ market in February 2013 comparing to 23% in October 2012. It’s getting more popular for good reasons: it’s open source, and has impressive set of features right out of the box.

But in spite of the fact that Magento possesses rich built-in tool-set, some of the features can be achieved only with the help of external plugins. You can find many free and paid ones on the main Magento marketplace – magentocommerce.com.

Here is a short collection of must have extensions to boost your online business:

One page checkout

To retain those customers who have already reached checkout stage, you might use Magento one page checkout extension by Webtex Software. The add-on is developed according to an e-commerce study and deploys e-com best practices. Moreover deploying the extension will improve your shoppers’ user experience, and increase customers’ loyalty.

Wedding gift registry

If you sell family-friendly goods or home appliances merchandise on your site, Magento wedding registry extension can become a sufficient source of new customers to your site. It enables wedding wish lists on your Magento site. How it works? Newlyweds sign up to your site and create wish lists for their guests. They add goods from your catalogue to the gift registry. The guests can tick goods whey are willing to give.
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