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Making POS Systems Work For You

When you run a bar you know how much efficient service means to your customers. When they sit down, they want to have their order taken and they do not want to sit there with an empty glass. The one

Call center technology

Call center is a telephone information system, which serves to direct marketing promotions and campaigns, non-stop service to customers and partners meet all their needs and requirements. This service is provided easily in working hours, but the call center software

Social networking software

The social networks are developing faster and faster and has serious market stake in advertising branch. Definitely they are making the internet more compatible and people closer to their friends. We should not miss the importance of the social networks

Media converting tool

The modern way to listen music definitely is based on YouTube and other similar services, which have highest number of visitors in comparison with the all television industry. The mobile application developers are working hardly on new applications for getting

RenuTeck systems

I found out about RenuTeck from a friend who had a system installed on their roof. They came highly recommended. Here are some of the strong points of this company: -They offer a lease option with no money down and

D-Link offered service for remote monitoring

The new service of D-Link eliminates the need for complicated configurations and allows users to easily monitor your home or office via mobile phone or tablet PC. Until now, consumers seeking to monitor the house had to have excellent technical

D-Link DIR-815 router

The networking company D-Link expand its portfolio of wireless routers for digital home with a new device class. DIR-815 provides in practice two wireless networks with their ability to work simultaneously in two frequency bands – 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and

D-Link ShareCenter Shadow

D-Link expand its portfolio of NAS offers a new model for home users and small business owners. Decision ShareCenter Shadow (DNS-325) works as both a multimedia center and a device for effective data backup. DNS-325 supports two hard drives, allowing

Light Peak increases the network speed to 10 Gbps

It is expected tomorrow Intel formally to present the new technology for data transmission Light Peak. It supports up to 10 gigabits per second and covers a distance of 100 meters. However, tomorrow Apple will release MacBook Pro laptops from