Jan 132013

DELL Precision M65When you run a bar you know how much efficient service means to your customers. When they sit down, they want to have their order taken and they do not want to sit there with an empty glass. The one thing that will slow a bartender down is a difficult POS system. Constantly switching screens and having to track down those drinks that just are not served often can take precious seconds away from serving customers. An iPad POS system is a quick and modern way to make running a bar so much easier.
POS Software
The things you need to run your bar and right on the screen. Customer’s orders will be quickly tallied right on the system and they can easily check out right there. With new advancements in the software you can easily get analytics, multiple location functionality and offline mode support.
Internet Connection
You know that when the Internet goes out, your system is pretty much worthless in terms of running credit and debit cards, checking inventory and being able to process sales. With an iPad system, the Internet is a 3G or 4G connection that can be fell back on if the primary Internet goes out. The transition is seamless and requires no action on your part. So if the Internet goes you, you likely will not even know about it because things will continue to run like normal.
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Mar 282012

Call CenterCall center is a telephone information system, which serves to direct marketing promotions and campaigns, non-stop service to customers and partners meet all their needs and requirements. This service is provided easily in working hours, but the call center software can make this, even when the office is empty. Adding to the Call center good kundeservice platform, its capabilities are essential. The best profit from having a call center of your company is the customer confidence.
How are working the best Call Centers?
When the client is calling, he is greeted by IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Here the customer can listen to a large amount of important information that is well structured in comfortable voice menus. The user moves between the menu using only the keyboard touch-tone phone (mobile or stationary). The system tells to the customer the information, which is taken from a special database that is constantly updated and processed. After the customer receives information he may want advice or assistance from the operator. For this purpose call center automatically connects the client to the free operator using ACD (Automatic Call Distribution). This is an integrated network system for automatic distribution of traffic through the Call Centre which provides optimal commitment of all agents, even in very large Call Centers.

Mar 272012

Google tabletThe social networks are developing faster and faster and has serious market stake in advertising branch. Definitely they are making the internet more compatible and people closer to their friends. We should not miss the importance of the social networks and their popularity. The social networks are prefered place for advertising of large variety of products, as people see them closer to their lifestyle and their needs. In any case social networks are all around us and almost everyone has profile in the largest networks of the world. This reflected to development of social networking software, which keeps you online and close with all your friends during all the day. The standard communication from the browser and computer are far away, as the technologies are developing fast and giving you access to your facebook or twitter profile from tablets, mobile phones, smartphones and etc. In any case you will be able to use all the extras of your social network, with such software. It is based on the users requirements, so the social networking software is rich on Internet apps, has really good and compatible mobile development and a lot of desktop gadgets and plug-ins. Definitely having this software will keep you informed about all the updates of your friends and will allow you to communicate from everywhere really easy.

Mar 162012

Asia notebookThe modern way to listen music definitely is based on YouTube and other similar services, which have highest number of visitors in comparison with the all television industry. The mobile application developers are working hardly on new applications for getting your favorite songs and clips easily to your mobile phone or computer. These applications and softwares are really useful for everyone and give to the users ability to reach their favorite singers and to listen their music in any part of the world. In any case the flv format, which is used in Youtube can be easily transfered to mp4 and watch it everywhere. The flv to mp4 converter is one really powerful tool, which will allow you to convert a lot of files, easily and fast, by decreasing their size and keep the quality. Also the All-in-One Media Conversion tool, can do everything you need to do accomplish so many video-related tasks. Definitely each conversion and video editing is just an easy job, but also the users can use it for DVD ripping, Stream Video Converting and other things. In any case such tool is quite important for the modern life, if we have in mind that all the medias are online and we used to watch the music directly from internet.

Feb 062012

Nokia tabletI found out about RenuTeck from a friend who had a system installed on their roof. They came highly recommended. Here are some of the strong points of this company:
-They offer a lease option with no money down and with a savings guarantee
-The installation was beautiful, they painted all conduit and obviously put pride in their work
-The installation crew was very professional and timely
-Their system has already saved me money and I don’t have to give as much of my business to the electric company
-They pay me $500 per referral, and I have already sent them two customers!
-Their warranty even covers washing off the solar panels
After meticulously researching other companies, I highly recommend RenuTeck Inc. They can be found at RenuTeck.com

Jul 122011

mydlinkThe new service of D-Link eliminates the need for complicated configurations and allows users to easily monitor your home or office via mobile phone or tablet PC. Until now, consumers seeking to monitor the house had to have excellent technical knowledge to assist them in setting up IP cameras. D-Link eliminates this need and makes the process extremely easy.
The mydlink is a free Internet portal that offers a service for remote monitoring with an intuitive interface. The launch of the service is as simple – the installation is done by loading the CD, accompanying each camera is compatible with mydlink. The software detects the available IP cameras in your home or office and automatically configures them into the network, allowing easy access to the streaming video from anywhere with Internet. In this way, users can keep an eye on every aspect of daily life – the pet home, children in the next room or entire house where absent for longer. The service supports up to four compatible cameras and allows monitoring 24 hours a day, with high quality video in real time from any device with access to the network.
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Apr 212011

D-Link DIR-815The networking company D-Link expand its portfolio of wireless routers for digital home with a new device class. DIR-815 provides in practice two wireless networks with their ability to work simultaneously in two frequency bands – 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and thereafter to maintain capacity for data transmission with up to 600Mbps. The router is based on 802.11n technology 2×2 external antenna, which provides higher speed and wider range of coverage at the same time is compatible with existing 802.11a / g wireless devices. D-Link DIR-integrated into its popular 815 and energy saving technology Green Ethernet. The router has 5 Fast Ethernet ports (4 LAN and 1 WAN), which actively monitor the status of the devices included therein and save electricity by automatic activation of standby.
DIR-815 is certified and fully ready for future migration to IPv6. On the box, users will find the logo IPv6 Ready Gold, which means that the router not only supports Internet Protocol Next Generation, and is compatible with other IPv6 devices, including other manufacturers. The device is designed for home users who want maximum bandwidth, advanced functionality and capabilities to support multiple devices in a wireless network. D-Link believes that dual-frequency devices such as DIR-815 are the future of 802.11n standard, mostly due to the efficient use of 5GHz frequency. It is wider and less traffic than 2.4GHz, which is currently used most wireless devices (including bluetooth adapters, etc.). The 5GHz technology has a significantly more not covering up channels – 23 (compared to 3′s range of 2.4GHz), thus ensuring maximum quality of service and consistent performance of extremely sensitive to traffic applications such as transmission aloud or HD TV in real time.
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Mar 272011

DNS-325 NASD-Link expand its portfolio of NAS offers a new model for home users and small business owners. Decision ShareCenter Shadow (DNS-325) works as both a multimedia center and a device for effective data backup. DNS-325 supports two hard drives, allowing users to manage their photos, videos, music and other files on the network, share them and backed up automatically.
The new NAS proposal can run high quality video streaming of multimedia files in real time directly on home TV or a compatible terminal device as a media player or game console. There is access to information stored on it over the Internet by incorporating the web file server.
DNS-325 has easy to use interface, based on well known icons, and many added features such as applications for working with photos and audio. The device can be purchased through authorized dealers of D-Link in Bulgaria as its recommended retail price without disks is 190 EUR.

Mar 102011

Light PeakIt is expected tomorrow Intel formally to present the new technology for data transmission Light Peak. It supports up to 10 gigabits per second and covers a distance of 100 meters. However, tomorrow Apple will release MacBook Pro laptops from the new generation. It is anticipated that this will be the first mainstream computers with support for Light Peak. The new technology is faster than all currently popular wired solutions, incl. USB, FireWire, Ethernet and others. One Light Peak cable can work simultaneously with several minutes of data transmission and is suitable for connecting monitors, hard drives, docking stations, printers and other devices. The expected MacBook Pro laptops will rely on new processors from Intel. We will also have a larger trackpad. Their configuration will include SSD drives with a capacity of 16 GB, which will be used to quickly load and use the operating system. Apple’s new laptops come with a redesigned, lighter and more compact.