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Panasonic Toughbook CF-AX3

Panasonic presented their newest innovation device CF-AX3, which combines the capabilities of two devices – Ultrabook and Tablet. It features a 11.6-inch Full HD IPS screen covered with glitter and a powerful processor, next-generation Intel. The multitouch screen Toughbook CF-AX3

Dell M3800 is laptop with carbon fiber casing

The American manufacturer Dell introduced on the market a new notebook that features a stylish design and performance of the workstation. Dell M3800 model is implemented in a thin 18 mm carbon fiber casing with aluminum frame and aluminum lid.

Acer C720 is a chromebook with the new Intel’s Haswell processor

Acer, a major player in the market for chrome-books, dropped consecutive model line C7, the new processor Intel’s Haswell. C720 provides a 11.6- inch screen with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and sells for 249 USD. The dual-core processor Intel

Apple demonstrated light and thin iPad Air

Apple update its popular iPad tablet with a sleek, lightweight device called iPad Air, modeled on laptops MacBook Air. Of the long-awaited event in San Francisco, the company also introduced iPad Mini with Retina display, desktop Mac Pro with an

Features And Functionalities Of A Booking Engine

Online booking is a specific and well-developed travel industry cluster that finds itself between traditional tourism market and telecom and technology services. Today experts are talking about online travel revolution, digitization and diversification of travel business models. Booking airline tickets

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Best software for downloading mp3 music to your computer

All the people, who love music want to listen their favorite singers all the time and even if they have no access to internet. In any case the mp3 files are the best and the most flexible way to get

Tablets advertising

Mobile devices are getting higher and higher popularity among all the users from all over the world. The tablets and smartphones are prefered much more in comparison with netbooks, laptops and personal computers. The mobile devices are easier for use,

The Best Place to Make Online Money

The online way of making money has evolved as an attracting way to earn good amount of extra cash. Among the various online ways, recycling of old mobile for cash is an interesting way to earn money. It is an

How to Turn on the Tablet PC Components in Windows 7

Owners of tablet PCs have a set of components available to them that owners of regular PCs do not normally have. The Windows 7 operating system, however, has a selection of Windows Tablet PC components that can be activated to