Oct 292013

Panasonic Toughbook CF-AX3Panasonic presented their newest innovation device CF-AX3, which combines the capabilities of two devices – Ultrabook and Tablet. It features a 11.6-inch Full HD IPS screen covered with glitter and a powerful processor, next-generation Intel. The multitouch screen Toughbook CF-AX3 and F-AX3 respond to 10 touches at once. The processor Intel Core vPro i5-4300U prolongs battery life and supports the “hot swap” battery, so as to ensure performance for one day.
The computer runs under Windows 7 or Windows 8 has built-in wireless modules Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n. An optional 3G and 4G/LTE support. There are VGA and HDMI ports for connection to an external display.
Panasonic Toughbook CF-AX3 was released in Europe in November of the expected total cost 2233 USD for a standard configuration.

Oct 282013

Dell M3800The American manufacturer Dell introduced on the market a new notebook that features a stylish design and performance of the workstation. Dell M3800 model is implemented in a thin 18 mm carbon fiber casing with aluminum frame and aluminum lid. The 15.6-inch touch screen is protected by glass Gorilla Glass and is available in versions with a resolution of 1920×1080 or 3200×800 pixels.
The model M3800 also has a choice of different processors Intel Haswell Core i7 and graphics card Nvidia Quadro 2GB with support for multiple external display with a resolution of 4K.
The option is available for two batteries, incl. 91Wh, which provides up to 10 hours of battery life. M3800 was released on November 14, priced at about $ 1,800.

Oct 272013

Acer C720Acer, a major player in the market for chrome-books, dropped consecutive model line C7, the new processor Intel’s Haswell. C720 provides a 11.6- inch screen with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and sells for 249 USD. The dual-core processor Intel Celeron 2955U running at a clock frequency of 1,4 GHz. The configuration includes 4 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal flash memory, wireless Wi-Fi module and port USB 3.0.
The C720 weighs 1.25 kilograms and is about 19 ​​mm thick. Acer is expected to launch similar chromebooks, but with a touch screen and support for 4G LTE communications. Earlier this month, HP also announced Hsawell-based chromebooks for 279 USD – this is the model Chromebook 11. Using Intel’s new processor leads to a significant increase in battery life – up to two times compared to the previous generation chrome-books. The chrome-books are devices for Internet browsing and cloud managed by the operating system Chrome OS.
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Oct 242013

Samsung RF712Online booking is a specific and well-developed travel industry cluster that finds itself between traditional tourism market and telecom and technology services. Today experts are talking about online travel revolution, digitization and diversification of travel business models. Booking airline tickets is the best example of how online distribution affects otherwise quite conservative business and poses new challenges in front of company owners.

The main aim of a B2C travel website is to automate booking delivery on a specific website by use of professional software, mostly integrated with sales channels from other travel companies (airlines, hotel chains, tour and travel agencies etc.). Core functionalities and additional features of a typical online booking engine can vary depending on its purpose and the type of company it belongs to, but, generally, its value is measured by the number of suppliers connected and the character of relationships with them. A company or an agent can book a ticket from most major airlines via global distribution systems, but their integration can be comparatively costly for an ordinary online travel agency.

Booking itself is not the only function of a travel website, and many travel portals don’t implement a booking engine. It is possible to create online new hotel reservation systemat the top of existing ones, though a longer chain of intermediaries and use of third party resources affects the final price, sometimes making it rather uncompetitive. The largest part of online travel websites belongs to so-called aggregators. The main function of their software is to collect data on available seats or rooms. Such services can be extremely data-intensive, as the scope of information they analyse includes offers from other online travel agencies, websites of tourism product suppliers, and more. This is called metasearch, and most of metasearch websites does not include booking itself. After he or she had compared prices and made the final choice, the customer is redirected to the booking website that contains this exact offer. Nevertheless, some biggest players on this market have already introduced their own booking engines.

Consolidators are another type of booking services. This kind of companies operates both in hospitality and in transportation ticket distribution markets. Consolidators buy blocks of apartments or airline tickets in advance and then resell their inventory for a special price. Thanks to regular character of relationships between consolidators and hotels or airlines these booking agencies have the possibility to buy in bulk at discount rates.

Is it necessary to implement compulsory travel website softwarefor serious companies? The answer is “yes” for the majority of medium and large scale enterprises. Availability and costs of airline tickets, hotel rooms and other services like car rentals are changing literally every minute, and global travel product supplies distribute this information with no delay by use of web technologies. To tap into this vital source of information, the company needs a booking system integrated with the suppliers’ software. Apart of such business-oriented systems, technology vendors also offer a big number of tools to optimize search and booking of different tourism products online, including customer mobile solutions and social applications.

Jul 192013

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Jan 212013

Asia notebookAll the people, who love music want to listen their favorite singers all the time and even if they have no access to internet. In any case the mp3 files are the best and the most flexible way to get the music on your computer or mobile device. Definitely, after the crash of Napster there are only a few programs that allow downloading of mp3 music and even most of them are filled with spam. So after long search in internet, we discovered mediadrug.com, which is one really reliable, stable and useful program for downloading of music. The best feature of the software is that it is working perfectly on various operational systems. You can install it in you Mac book, Windows or Linux. Also the software is not spamming you with many additional applications, which decrease highly the speed of your computer. You have just single application, which gives you access to all the music you want. The MediaDrug Program is operating over the largest database for music, including millions of songs and thousands of singers. You can find your favorite band or singer with one simple search and get all his music to your computer. Also the songs are divided by gender and year, so you can find a lot of more interesting songs in the style you want. In any case the program is one of the best applications for your computer, as you will enjoy the music everywhere and will carry it with you. One of the best features of this software is that you can preview the songs without downloading them, which means that it will buffer you partially the song and you can hear it without downloading. Such feature saves you hard drive space and decreases the bandwidth traffic, which you will do.
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Jul 302012

Dell AdamoIf you are an online store owner who wants to develop their shop without spending 24 hours a day at their job, you need to get tools to automate your work in the office. With the help of the latest tools out there it is possible to cut times spent on admin duties and dedicate it to something else. With magento ajax it is easier to get navigation under control so that all your clients are happy with the way things are at your store and how you organize the way your website looks. The faster they can find what they need, the more hits and likes you will get, brining you more revenue and more dedicated, happy customers who become your followers quickly. With the best tools like magento coupon codes promotions are becoming much easier and you know what time you can dedicate to enticing new customers into the store and helping them make smart purchasing decisions. The use of magento custom price can also help you suggest products to clients.

Apr 072012

MSI GX780iPhone users are from all over the world. When the World Mobile Congress got together in Barcelona end-February, people from the different countries below were interested in different apps, as listed. The Americans, British, and South Koreans were intent in pushing boxes around, while the French were honing up on their Spanish-speaking skills.
01. USA – Move the Box (games)
Move the Box is a logic-based puzzle game that challenges players to move different colored boxes into rows or columns of matching colors, given limited time and moves in which to complete the 168 levels. Players can move, drop, or swap the boxes, and 3 boxes of the same kind in a line disappear. Object of the game is to clean the dock in the fastest time.
02. UK – Move the Box (games)
The British are as fascinated with this game as the Americans.
03. France – iEspagnol (education)
This app features flash card teaching of Spanish words, whereby the familiar language (French) word or expression is written on one side with the corresponding Spanish word or expression on the other. Player takes a card from the top, looks at the familiar word or expression, then guesses the equivalent translation as written on the other side of the card. Correctly guessed cards go the bottom of the pile while incorrect ones are returned to the middle of the pack. The objective of the game is to teach Spanish. The app features 5,000 of the most common Spanish words with more than 6,000 French translations.
04. Canada – The Simpsons: Tapped Out (games)
This game app is based around the characters of the long-running cartoon series The Simpsons. Players are challenged to rebuild Homer’s home town of Springfield and is a new, humorous twist on simulation titles whereby random tasks can also be assigned to favorite characters.
05. Japan – iSafePlay (utilities)
Free for a limited time only, this utility app secures media files on the iPhone by letting users lock photos and other contents in password-protected files. There are two modes, Passcode by which all files are shown, and Fakecode, by which only unlocked files are shown. Great for showing your girlfriend all that she need s to see without letting her see what she shouldn’t.
06. Australia – Draw Something Free (games)
The free version of the popular Draw Something app which allows users to draw images of their choice and then challenge friends on Draw Something to guess what the object is.
07. Germany – Fly With Me (games)
This Electronic Arts app challenges players to guide birds on their flight while avoiding dangerous obstacles and catching insects while en route,
08. China – ‘Everyone count the money’
This Chinese app translates to something like ‘Everyone count the money’ whereby players are challenged to count piles of money as fast and as accurately as they can.
09. Italy – Burning Bridges (games)
The Burning Bridges app challenges players to go from island to island while burning bridges along the way, at the same time ensuring they do not get stranded, all within 20 seconds.
10. Korea – Move the Box (entertainment)
Due to regulations on application classification there is no ‘games’ category in the Korean iTunes store, but what is this obsession with pushing boxes around?
These apps can be downloaded with proper subscriptions and plans. The iPhones are not cheap cell phones without contract.

Mar 312012

Asus U36The Taiwanese company Asus has launched the thinnest notebook with a processor Intel Core i5, working with standard voltage. The Housing model Asus U36, made ​​of magnesium alloy is only 19 mm thick. A special coating protects the surface from fingerprints and scratches. Asus U36 for up to 11.5 hours battery life. This is achieved thanks to technology Nvidia Optimus, which automatically switches off discrete graphics and Asus Super Hybrid Engine for optimal choice of mode of supply. Available is also possible to turn the USB 3.0 interface for working battery.
Asus U36 provides a 13.3-inch screen with 1366×768 pixels resolution, HDD 500 GB, card reader and wireless module Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n.
The laptop weighs 1.44 kg and is now available in the UK priced at about 699 pounds.

Feb 252012

HP Folio 13HP launched its first sale of the ultrabook computer. Folio 13 comes in a metal casing with a thickness of 17.8 mm and prolonged battery life. The model builds on the hardware platform Intel Core i5-2467M clocked at 1,6 GHz and integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000. There are 4 GB RAM, 128 GB solid state drive, webcam, microphone, module Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth. The LCD screen with a diagonal 13.3 inches running at optimal resolution 1366×768 pixels.
As options for Folio 13 are provided for 64-bit operating system, Windows 7 Professional instead of Home Premium and standard external drive DVD or Blu-ray. The base configuration of model costs $ 900 to U.S. market. Upon activation of a “dream”, the contents of memory Folio 13 is recorded on a SSD instead of the slower hard drive and the time of exit from dormancy is shortened to several seconds, thanks to technology Intel Rapid Start. In addition, HP CoolSense technology provides more efficient cooling and reduces the operating sound of the fan. HP Folio 13 provides a wide range of interfaces including. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, Ethernet, HDMI, card reader and a combined headphone port and microphone.
Compared to some competing ultrabooks models HP is thicker and heavier (1.45 kg), but in contrast, features a longer battery life, which reaches 9:00. According to the manufacturer, this record is one indicator currently sold ultrabooks.