Intel Core i7-980

Intel i7-980A few months ago Intel released the 6-core processor Core i7-980. We will now have a look into the new technology of Intel and will see the productivity and the improvement, which the company made over it. The chip is a much more affordable alternative to model extreme Core i7-990X Extreme Edition. Intel Core i7-980 is almost identical with the CPU Core i7-970, as it differs only in clock speed. Due to the increase by one grade factor, Core i7-980 operates at a frequency which has a 133 MHz higher and this gives high productivity and better performance. the frequency is increase to 3.3 GHz instead of 3.2 GHz in the previous model.
The extreme model Core i7-990X Extreme Edition is working on 3.46 GHz. All three processors have 12 MB ​​cache memory from the third level and consume 130 watts. Intel Core i7-970 and Core i7-980 cost 583 dollars, while the model Core i7-990X Extreme Edition is available for 999 dollars.In any case the chips have increased productivity and better performance for server and personal computers.

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