Intel develops Celeron

Celeron Dual Core E1400Intel plans to launch soon a new processor socket LGA 1155, incl. chips and Celeron. The company has decided to compromise with the cache. Instead of 3 MB cache, the new Celeron LGA 1155 will have only 2 MB, which will affect the graphics performance. The models Celeron G530 and G540 will offer two cores, and G440 will have only one nucleus. Expected to be reduced and the frequency of HD Graphics 2000.
The date of release of the Celeron LGA 1155 and prices have not yet been announced.
Meanwhile, Intel will release Pentium G620 Sandy Bridge architecture with only $ 64. Dual-core processor comes with 3 MB cache and 2000 HD Graphics not support technology InTru 3D, Quick Sync Video and Clear Video. The chip will work at clock 2,6 GHz.

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Celeron Dual Core E1400

Celeron Dual Core E1400For a short time the market appears a very interesting processor – Intel Dual Core Celeron E1400. The interesting thing in it, that is a real dual-core Conroe processor running on a strong rate of 2.00GHz. Intel still uses the old names and Pentium Celeron, which we believe have been inappropriate for the segmentation of their processors. Even if given the legacy of Pentium processors and Celeron, it is this legacy of the powerful but cumbersome Pentium 4 (Willamette, Northwood, Prescott) and their analogues with truncated Celeron cache and system bus. Heritage can only be of Pentium M (Banias and Dothan), processors that were developed in Israel and who saved Intel from breathing on their neck AMD. Perhaps few people know that the Pentium M is a direct successor to the Pentium III Tualatin, Pentium M with a few amendments to be transformed into Yonah (Core Duo, Core Solo) – ie the current dual-core processors. Banias, Dothan and Yonah are words of Jewish origin, which clearly shows the origin and the relationship between processors.
There should be a clear difference between a Pentium architecture NetBurst (Pentium 4, Pentium D and derived XEON processors and Celeron) and the Pentium, resulting from the Intel P6 (Pentium Pro, Pentium III Tualatin, later and modern Pentium M Core Duo, Solo, 2 Duo, Quad). NetBurst was branded by Intel as inefficient and expensive and therefore was removed from production. After these historical notes, let us focus on this overview of the Intel Dual Core Celeron E1400. The core processor is Conroe – 512, ie the cache of the processor is reduced to 512KV (typical for Celeron).

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Intel Celeron G460

Celeron Dual Core E1400Intel breathes new life into budget line desktop processors Celeron. The first such chip architecture with Hyper-Threading will go on sale next week. Intel Celeron G460 was assessed by Intel for $ 37, said CPU clocked at 1,8 GHz will provide multi-threaded processing.
For comparison, G440, which also has a core and supports Hyper-Threading, running on 1,6 GHz. In addition, G460 has more cache – 1,5 MB, 1 MB compared to G440. Despite these significant improvements, the prices of the two processors are identical, and the index TDP, which is 35 watts.
Intel will release the Celeron G530 processor with two cores, clock 2,4 GHz, 2 MB cache and 65 watts TDP. The chip will cost 42 dollars.

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