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Intel Celeron G460

Intel breathes new life into budget line desktop processors Celeron. The first such chip architecture with Hyper-Threading will go on sale next week. Intel Celeron G460 was assessed by Intel for $ 37, said CPU-World.com. CPU clocked at 1,8 GHz

Intel develops Celeron

Intel plans to launch soon a new processor socket LGA 1155, incl. chips and Celeron. The company has decided to compromise with the cache. Instead of 3 MB cache, the new Celeron LGA 1155 will have only 2 MB, which

Celeron Dual Core E1400

For a short time the market appears a very interesting processor – Intel Dual Core Celeron E1400. The interesting thing in it, that is a real dual-core Conroe processor running on a strong rate of 2.00GHz. Intel still uses the