Notebook MSI GX623

MSI GX623 notebookAfter the Argus became the official distributor of MSI notebooks at home, gaming series of the company quickly began to gain popularity. After review of the interesting 17-inch model GX720 quickly followed and the emergence of another, this time as a very attractive price model – GX623, based on the popular chassis MS-1651, used in other 15-inch notebooks on the MSI. GX623 stands out above all other suggestions of other brands in this price range around 1600 Euro) thanks to a powerful graphics card, monitor with high resolution of today compared to the standard WXGA HD screens, and automatic overclocking function. The latter brings his 2-GHz Core 2 Duo P7350 at the level of far more expensive processors based on the same Penryn core, such as P8600. Indeed, the details will be left for later – this time the show will be at least two parts, as it resisted the temptation and equipped with this model and I can give a lot more details and answers to direct questions to the forum or comments.

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