HP nw8000 versus games laptop Toshiba Tecra M3

HP nw8000 vs Toshiba Tecra M3After IBM Thinkpad R50p and HP nw8240, our “test laboratory” graphic next visit (work) station of HP. The parameters are similar to those of the IBM Thinkpad R50p.To review more interesting, in a direct duel will Resisting HP nw8000, Centrino-winner of the battle – Toshiba Tecra M3. I miss the description of the qualities of individual series of major manufacturers – both machines are very good quality and the highest grade for its time – strong, reliable, made very expensive and claims to be the top in its class. Housing, design and ergonomics. HP nw8000 body is pretty thick and this little uncomely, but it takes account of powerful speakers, CPU coolers and solid productivity professional graphics card, and … FDD. Toshiba Tecra M3 is a classic Japanese-style design – very elegant forms, which are preserved even in the latest dual-core Tecra. Cover the lid of the Tecra M3 is a metal arm and gives coldness pleasant to the touch. There are many holes in the bottom of Toshiba – better CPU cooling and powerful NVidia graphics processor. Both have a joystick laptop – great respect for the Thinkpad from IBM, but unlike his voluntary role in the awkward nw8000, Tecra M3 has almost approached the benchmark of the IBM Thinkpad. The keyboard on Toshiba also resembles that of the Thinkpad and is almost as enjoyable, while that of HP is a bit “dry” and rather tends to DELL. Toshiba is out with a little touchpad, which react less inert – if HP is almost everything perfectly. (more…)

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HP nw8240

HP nw8240After review of IBM ThinkPad R50p, again I give the event a workstation to test high grade. So far I had not met most of the powerful Intel Centrino 2.13GHz – the feeling of power is amazing, this is perhaps the most productive single-core processor in many applications lags far behind its dual-core processors and even lower middle class. Memory is DDR2, Hard disk – SATA, which offers opportunities for serious and very economical upgrades. The laptop is available with all modern functions – DVD-RW, BlueTooth, CardReader, 54Mbit Wi-Fi (Intel 2200BG). Extremely powerful stereo speakers with crystal clear, knows why put in a graphic station. Display with incredible resolution and wide format – 1920h1200! However, unlike IBM ThinkPad matrix is TN, viewing angles are among the best of this kind. The unique feature of the laptop is PCI-E video card which is working ATI FireGL V5000. Despite its focus on 3D, CAD / CAM design, the laptop is suitable for almost any modern game. (more…)

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