HP Pavilion dv9000

HP Pavilion dv9000We will not cover the design of machines and the three tested laptop are exactly the same as design, quality display and peripheral components. Will only recall that the design of the Pavilion series not remain indifferent to anyone and my opinion is much more stylish new dv4, dv5, dv7, which are an overview of our site. HP Pavilion series is very criticized in the Internet space, and it mostly AMD variant of the dv9000, dv6000. The reason for this criticism is the diligence of HP to be an environmental company and change termo-paste leaded solders and such, which do not harm the environment – that lead to lower efficiency please contact surfaces and overheating. On the other hand are not well placed vents of machinery is a prerequisite for overheating and possible damage. Most of the blame for failures and brings pampered buyer who buys a 17-inch laptop mainly to use it in bed, but this is not work for such a machine. Laptop, which stopped him access to fresh air fans immediately began to overheat. It is known that AMD never made effective protection from overheating of the CPU, something that exists in INTEL years. Starting from these premises, other weak place of these models is to disbonding videochip and it mainly GeForce 8400/8600 series. Problems of most of these series of NVidia not only laptops to HP, DELL for example, has lawsuits against NVidia. Special NVidia 8400 is the most common of all video producers, because there are a lot cheaper DX10, HDMI, and hardware acceleration for HDTV. Very similar is the core of the GF8600, but the bus has 128-bit video card and demontrira much better performance. There are GS and GT versions of the GF8600. Unfortunately for us is weaker 8600 GS version. (more…)

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DELL Studio XPS 1640, DELL Studio 1737 and HP Pavilion dv9000

HP Pavilion DellSubjected to a test three similar in size and specifications, high-tech notebooks designed for business and residential customers. The purpose of the review is to assess the real pros and cons of these great multimedia notebooks, so let’s turn our attention first to the hardware capabilities. For the Dell XPS series can be spoken much, but today will focus on the hybrid model DELL Studio XPS 1640, which will compare with Dell Studio 1737 and HP Pavilion DV9000. True to its, DELL used in its high-end series of the latest technology, combined with a widescreen display with which to experience such a machine can really be felt. HP, in turn, can also boast a good display and stable history in multimedia notebooks. Let’s look in more detail Dell Studio XPS 1640. This series is a hybrid combination of two others: XPS and Studio, the first is the infamous game series XPS, and the second Studio – portable multimedia platform. The first thing that impresses is the stylish appearance, which was taken from the series Studio. Beautiful screen maintains the highest resolution in its class, namely, Full HD, 1920 to 1080 pixels. This is the first 16 “notebook that supports Full HD resolution, which is due to its LED display from the last generation, doing the colors look so real that you feel part of the landscape. But what was so good screen without sound hardware support to show its full capabilities? The powerful Intel C2D of 2.24 GHz in combination with one of the best video card for notebook PCs at the moment – ATI Mobility Radeon HD3670 512MB DDR3 and DDR3 memory type (which can be expanded to 8GB) running on Dual Channel makes Dell Studio XPS 1640 hard to beat by any competitor in this class. In addition to the powerful hardware, DELL and not saving features such as Blu-ray Rom, TV tuner, big hard drive (ranging between 300GB – 500GB), Broadband Wi-Fi adapter, FireWire and HDMI port for direct connection to a larger screen. Overall, this series is Dell’s whims for users who are also expecting a good design and great productivity, combined with the extras. Big plus is the weight of the laptop, which is about 3kg, and competition in this class moves around 3.5 kilograms – 3.9 kilograms. (more…)

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