Light Peak increases the network speed to 10 Gbps

Light PeakIt is expected tomorrow Intel formally to present the new technology for data transmission Light Peak. It supports up to 10 gigabits per second and covers a distance of 100 meters. However, tomorrow Apple will release MacBook Pro laptops from the new generation. It is anticipated that this will be the first mainstream computers with support for Light Peak. The new technology is faster than all currently popular wired solutions, incl. USB, FireWire, Ethernet and others. One Light Peak cable can work simultaneously with several minutes of data transmission and is suitable for connecting monitors, hard drives, docking stations, printers and other devices. The expected MacBook Pro laptops will rely on new processors from Intel. We will also have a larger trackpad. Their configuration will include SSD drives with a capacity of 16 GB, which will be used to quickly load and use the operating system. Apple’s new laptops come with a redesigned, lighter and more compact.

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Softeq is one of the leaders in their field

Celeron Dual Core E1400There are many things people can do with the help of offshore companies these days and some of them are very obvious. First of all with the help of enterprises like Proteans Software Solutions, e-Zest,, softeq and Olagam Software Solutions it is possible to get one’s money’s worth and receive good gains on the money spent for the whole enterprise. It is very important to see that today assistive technology solutions are becoming more affordable for everyone and there are things people do in order to get great quality assurance services at a good price. With the help of good services small businesses can automate their work so they don’t have to get to hire new staff in order to operate efficiently. This is really important for everyone including big business where great moves towards the future can be made in order to stay afloat and prosperous. Offshore companies are great since they offer good results of their work, high quality and cheap services all at the same time. So check the companies near you.

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Belinea Monitors

Belinea MonitorsMaxdata is an international company with headquarters in Germany (the town of Marl) and was established in 1987. Has its own representative in Britain, France, Austria, Netherlands and Switzerland. Maxdata is one of the leading Western European companies in the field of computer technology. Trademarks are: Maxdata – computers, laptops, netbooks, Belinea – Monitor.
The world market Belinea brand known since 1991. Only for last 4 years the company became a leader in Germany and became a best-selling brand of monitors. Belinea today occupies a leading position in Germany, Austrian and other European markets. One of the largest companies have chosen production Belinea corporate standard. Among them are: BASF, Daimler-Benz, Debis Systemhaus, Deutsche Bank AG, Fissler, Karlsberg, Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Mars, Edeka, Ministry of Defense of Germany.
Maxdata not own factory, which is not required for modern manufacturing integration. Similarly, work DELL, for the most part, HP and many other giants of the computer equipment. Although Maxdata used production lines of South-East Asia, it leads its own research and development and its products have won many new innovations and technical solutions. Asian integration is by no means the “Bulgarian type, examples of which are ordering logo trademark on lower quality standard technique (NEO, SANG, Lieder, Elite and others.) Quality control of the Germans is cruel – leading them Engineers inspected the spot Counterpart in every factory, production quality.

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