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Mobile applications for virtual reality

If the VR really attracts you, nothing prevents you from trying it. Introducing the best mobile games for the VR that you use with virtual eyeglasses with a phone extension, such as Google Cardboard or many others.

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Apps for school children

Holidays are over and the new school year ahead of us. For all schoolchildren, worries and learning-related trauma begin. However, if you want to extend your holiday or at least relieve your stay in the school, get some of the apps you’ve got. Thanks to these applications, it can handle …

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Remove the dron from the sky using a special rifle

Drones have been very popular in recent years, and millions of people around the world are taking breathtaking shots from high heights. But at first glance, this has a lot of shady pages. Lehkovazni owners send them to places where they have nothing to claim. To these naughty users, DroneShield …

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On the Internet, beware of anonymity

What are you afraid each time your child sits behind a computer and opens an internet browser that he is in danger? Take care of their anonymity.

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Boost the performance of your laptop. A smart box will help you

Laptops have always been a compromise. To have the body thin, you need to find components that do not take up too much space. This is, however, at the expense of performance. Powerful laptops are like saffron, so Asus has decided to come up with a solution to performance problems. …

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