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Discover the 25 most popular social media

Social media is used all over the world. Although their popularity varies from country to country, they play an important role everywhere – enabling people to easily communicate and share different content. Social media is important not only for personal life, but also for business. More and more companies are finding that with the help of social media they can reach customers and communicate with them much better. How much can you memorize to list social networks? Today there are a really large number of them and few people know all the most important ones.

Find out which social media are most important

If you are directing your business beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, you should definitely know which social media are the most popular in the world and how many users they have. Check out the info from Semrush.com below, which details the media that is most used, when it was launched, and how many users it has.

Credit: Semrush.com

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