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Remove the dron from the sky using a special rifle

Drones have been very popular in recent years, and millions of people around the world are taking breathtaking shots from high heights. But at first glance, this has a lot of shady pages. Lehkovazni owners send them to places where they have nothing to claim. To these naughty users, DroneShield …

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The big heat does not show the notebooks

Large desktop computers are better prepared than laptops. Thanks to larger dimensions, more efficient fans come in, while the notebooks have a compact body so they can not be fitted with any other radiator. Although the temperature sensors inside the laptop can automatically shut down at an extreme temperature of …

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Apps from Google Play that can not escape you

Again, a few applications have emerged on Google Play that require your attention. This time, we have a tool that quickly and easily changes the application icon. Next, let’s look at the distribution of screens and eventually introduce a video streaming program. Ok lets go.

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Competition for MacBook Pro in the form of Xiaomi

Chinese company Xiaomi is known for its smartphone production. However, it is not the only area that it focuses on. In his portfolio he has a number of great laptops. Like mobile phones, there’s no inspiration at Apple. The same is true of the new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, which …

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Android apps you need to try out

Again we have three great apps for you that will suit you. Do you need to know how strong your Wi-Fi signal is and in which room is the strongest? Or do you like to read, but are not you lately? Then there’s a Radiotherapist for you. Finally, we cook …

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Hit among Gadgets: Auxiliary Optics for Phones

Digital cameras slowly but surely ring the dying. High-quality camera phones have forced the manufacturer to go very low. Still, the optics were not so good to replace the high-quality optical zoom and so the mirrors were mainly kept above the water. But they are also pushed out with the …

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