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Boost the performance of your laptop. A smart box will help you

Laptops have always been a compromise. To have the body thin, you need to find components that do not take up too much space. This is, however, at the expense of performance. Powerful laptops are like saffron, so Asus has decided to come up with a solution to performance problems. …

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Online hazard attracts young people more than alcohol

In recent years, children and adolescents have been shifting from alcohol and drug use to online gambling where they lose money. Because they spend more time at home, they are becoming more and more dependent on the online Internet environment.

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A smartphone like a game console? With a special driver it is not a problem

Smartphones are fast on the mobile market. Every year, they get new fans. However, sophisticated mobile devices are not just for telephoning, navigating, or browsing the Internet. Powerful smartphones are increasingly being used to play games. The disadvantage of mobile phones is the absence of buttons, which makes many players …

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The largest fair of consumer and computer technology has brought interesting news

In January 2018, an event was held in Las Vegas for all consumer and computing enthusiasts. If you are one of them, you have certainly figured out what it is about. Yes, we mean the International Consumer Electronics Show or CES. We have an overview of the most interesting news …

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The Sims 4 computer game enjoys both small and large players

As long as you like the The Sims computer game, you will surely not miss another enhanced sequel. The game is recommended for players from 12 years of age. The game can play, but the younger children, it is important that they can already read. This game will surely inspire …

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