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You’ll make it in time? No bus, train or subway is left with PID Info

Play at the Play Store for a variety of applications that offer timetables. Some are better than others. One of the apps that is currently fighting for Android users is PID Info. What you can expect from it and what features you can find out in this review.

What PID Info serves

PID Info promises several features and features to be appreciated by passengers. The most important features include:

PID connections (metro, trams, buses, trains, ferries, funicular)
information on locks and emergencies in operation
route location, including delay
a map of stops with an extension of individual habitats and crossing lines
current departures from any stop, including delays
a map of ticket sales points
How the application works in hotspot
For full use, you need to share information about your current location. Allowing you to gain access to easier route tracking, which assumes that your current location matches the location from which you want to use public transport.

The application offers a user interface that is identical to most similar applications. Again, you have two frames to specify the starting and ending points. In addition, you can filter low-floor joints, barrier-free connections or adjust the speed of pedestrian crossings. You can also exclude certain means of transport.

Once you have entered the necessary data and set the filters, the application will show you a list of the most suitable connections to your destination destination. You will see a schedule of individual stops, including time between stops or fares.

PID Info is especially useful when you use urban public transport in Prague and suburban lines. It offers everything you need to get the best link information, and we also appreciate additional information such as the current delay or the display of unexpected complications on the route.

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