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Great application in autumn weather

Again, we bring you the most exciting applications to your Android smartphone. Definitely not to be Fit Make recipes that will help you with maintaining your diet and help direct you to a healthy lifestyle. Then, we’ll introduce the Night Owl application that will reduce the brightness of the display more than the manufacturer claims. Last but not least we’ll show you the Lip Swap app that will be great for you during autumn nights.

Fit Recipes, or a healthy lifestyle

Part of modern man is the right lifestyle. Best health. Fit Recipes will greatly help you complement your physical activity. The user interface is divided into several categories where you can find the latest recipes, popular recipes or fit recipes. Every recipe in the application is very healthy and you can prepare a balanced breakfast, lunch, dinner or a variety of drinks. A clear table informs you of the ingredients you need and detailed instructions for preparation including nutritional values. Whether you like Fit Recipes or not, definitely give them a chance and try them out.

Sleeping will be with the Night Owl toy

Get rid of too bright the display of your phone. Night Owl will keep you at the minimum. This app will be appreciated if you want to browse the Internet for a while longer, but you are ready to lie down. The illuminated display may be very unpleasant even if you have a low brightness. Nigth Owl saves your eyesight. After installation, you can arbitrarily reduce the brightness level below the manufacturer’s level. Additionally, you can set a timer to return it to its original value.

Lip Swap will amuse you

Lip Swap comes to the scene when you get splinter from autumn days. With this app, you can create funny photos and videos. Just select one older photo or take a new one and determine the space in the photo to capture. The front camera captures your face and movement. At first glance it sounds complicated, but you love the app just like me. You can share your creations with friends.

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