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Why biometric authentication is the future of security

How do you have a secure phone or a computer? Many people only use simple passwords and that is wrong. Simple passwords can be easily cracked, not only with the help of humans, but also robots, which are designed to break into a specific system. However, there is one way …

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Common myths about smartphones

Today, most people have a smartphone. There are a lot of myths that people pass on around phones, and the more they talk about them, the more people trust them. Some myths are completely meaningless, some are only true for some types of phones and some are true. Many myths …

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How to choose a suitable power bank?

Most smartphones give us really high performance and many uses, but at the same time, battery life is shortened. Few smartphones today can be charged for more than a day or two, so we need to keep in mind that we don’t forget to put them on the charger. The …

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Discover the 25 most popular social media

Social media is used all over the world. Although their popularity varies from country to country, they play an important role everywhere – enabling people to easily communicate and share different content. Social media is important not only for personal life, but also for business. More and more companies are …

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