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A temporary tattoo tells you how much you have drunk

You like to have a drink, but do not you know when you have enough? Modern technology offers great solutions, and scientists from the University of California, San Diego have come to market.

Nanotechnology experts have come up with the invention of a “temporary tattoo” that monitors the state of your blood alcohol level. Once you have crossed a certain level, you will receive a message on your phone to avoid having another glass.

How a temporary tattoo works

The novelty works on a simple principle. A temporary tattoo in the form of a patch has a built-in electrochemical sensor that determines the level of alcohol from sweat on human skin. It is an electrodes patch and a pilocarpine cloth that causes sweating. The printed circuit board acquires the necessary information and within a quarter hour you have a message on your smartphone about your status.

Will alcohol patches replace alcohol co-users?

Engineers and scientists believe that their new way of testing alcohol levels is much more enjoyable than current alcohol tatters. You place the patch on your hand and do not interfere with the movement. The patch is also very durable and does not bother, nor does it bend differently.

Alcohol plaster technology offers an accurate, practical and fast way to keep your blood alcohol level. This prevents you from driving drunkenly, or you just look at the surface so you do not have a monkey in the morning.

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