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Latest Android applications – digital answering machine, fast ride and air quality control

Again, we’ve unveiled apps that can not be missed on your Android. Take a look at a truly smart digital answering machine, or calculate if you’re going to have a quick ride. Finally, check the air quality in your area. Ok lets go.

Wrappup Smart Voice Recorder – Practical digital answering machine
Voice recorders are steep if you want to make a sound recording using a smart phone. The latest application that combines all the qualities of a traditional voice recorder is the Warppup Smart Voice Recorder. What the app offers:

real time real time recording
share recordings
integration with calendar
high sound quality
and lots of other useful features
Download the application here.

Speedr – Is fast ride really good?

Do you drive fast enough to get all the time on time, and the ride did not kill you so much? And are you sure it really is? Try out Speedr, which calculates how it is done. Application evaluates real-time navigation data. We can evaluate how fast you were driving over the speed limit and whether you were paying this risky ride. In a crisp interface you will see how much time you have saved.

Air quality in the Czech Republic

The Smog application in the air of the Czech Republic maps current air pollution on our territory. The data is collected from the CHMI measuring stations and the air quality is evaluated on a scale of 1 to 6. The application includes a map of all stations, a clear list of concentrations of all pollutants, development graphs for the past 24 hours, or a quality index display of the selected station. Smog in the Czech Republic is a useful application that saves you a little bit of health.

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