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The largest fair of consumer and computer technology has brought interesting news

In January 2018, an event was held in Las Vegas for all consumer and computing enthusiasts. If you are one of them, you have certainly figured out what it is about. Yes, we mean the International Consumer Electronics Show or CES. We have an overview of the most interesting news you could see.

Manufacturers tossed the ace from the sleeve

There were tens of thousands of news to see. This year was a sign of clever technology. It was not just about phones, but also refrigerators, washing machines and even shower heads. Practically all the appliances you use at home. Let’s break down each category.

PC and Notebooks

New computers and laptops are a permanent fair. Above all, ultrabooks have been given full attention. Modern trends require compact size, low weight and touch screen. All the news, including the tablet, will offer higher performance, longer battery life and a more gentle display.

Table changes also make for desktop PCs. At least in terms of appearance. Gone are large boxes that have been replaced by all-in-one assemblies. Everything is hidden inside the monitor. Emergency is not even a miniature PC.

Virtual reality with drones

PC and laptop users have certainly come to theirs. There was no debauchery either. Virtual reality technology evolves by leaps and bounds. Besides the new virtual reality machines, there were also many special cameras that allow you to shoot videos for these devices.

Their representatives also had a droni at CES. The fairground was literally a fairytale course for the pilots of the drones, and hundreds of these flying machines strolled overhead. A few robots were also seen, but they played the second violin.

Hot news

The hot new feature is HTC Vive Pro for virtual reality with new premium sound. For the future, there is Nvidia BFGD, one big screen with an integrated TV console. Futuristic novelty was HiMirror Mini, which is a magical mirror that tells you how to make and how your skin is.

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