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Are you interested in human anatomy? Then you should not miss Human Anatomy Atlas

There are apps that go to dragon and apps that will never spoil the bars of the most downloadable app of the month. Although these applications are not popular, they have their qualities. One of them is the Human Anatomy Atlas 2017, which provides a detailed overview of the human body in one set. If you study a medical school or you have a human body like a hobby, you should not miss this application.

Detailed anatomy of the human body in the pocket

The Human Anatomy Atlas application offers complete 3D models of both sexes, where you can also find muscle, bone and sample video models. This makes it easier to compare with a professional book that offers a similar principle, but without interactive elements. The Anatomy Atlas will show you how the muscles work in motion and just pictures like in books.

The fact is that the application is not free but its purchase will cost you about 750 crowns. This is definitely not enough. For the content it offers, however, and the Encyclopedia often pay more money.

The application offers an intuitive user environment

The application is clear and you will be able to select a part of the human body right after opening. You are offered a total of five modules that are further divided into individual categories where you can find the complete human body. You can browse hundreds of different images, models and individual body parts. For each part of the human body there is a short English-language label and you can have the chance to play the pronunciation of the individual parts as a bonus. As has been said, male and female body are available.

Extensions are also available

Besides the main content, you also have an extension that offers you more detailed pictures of the human body from a more detailed perspective and learn, for example, how to heal cutting wounds. For this extension, however, it is necessary to pay 299 CZK. Just like all apps and videos are spoken in English.

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