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Are you looking for the most popular app? We introduce you cryptos

t took only a few days for CryptoKitties to become an Internet sensation. Modern Tamagoch ​​breaks records on all fronts and users are willing to spend thousands of crowns for these cute kittens. One user would be willing to pay more than 2.4 million crowns for a new pet.

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Hit among Gadgets: Auxiliary Optics for Phones

Digital cameras slowly but surely ring the dying. High-quality camera phones have forced the manufacturer to go very low. Still, the optics were not so good to replace the high-quality optical zoom and so the mirrors were mainly kept above the water. But they are also pushed out with the …

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Prestashop is the most ideal platform for your e-shop

Stone shops are literally rolled up today with offers of modern e-shops. Selling and buying them is now a matter of course for many retailers and customers, and most importantly, how to get as many customers as possible and how to get the most goods possible. These are the indisputable …

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