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Hit among Gadgets: Auxiliary Optics for Phones

Digital cameras slowly but surely ring the dying. High-quality camera phones have forced the manufacturer to go very low. Still, the optics were not so good to replace the high-quality optical
zoom and so the mirrors were mainly kept above the water. But they are also pushed out with the optics for phones.

Although there are existing phones with integrated optical zoom, it is a rarity. Digital zoom is present in all new camera phones, but thanks to high noise and blur
became very unpopular. The trend has become an additional optics for phones, which has been one of the most popular gadgets for over a year now. The trend of additional optics has been successfully captured only by iPhones, u
Android phones have not found much success, as there are many manufacturers on the market who place cameras at different locations and also change the size of the phones. We now introduce 5 lenses,
which users found to be the best in terms of price, quality and performance.
Photojojo Phone Lens Series
A very popular set of 3 lenses that extends the user’s capabilities. The set includes a fish eye lens, a small telephoto lens and a macro lens. Each of the lenses is attached to
a small magnetic ring around the camera itself. Thanks to magnetism, the lens can be quickly removed and replaced by another. The price is roughly 1000 CZK, which is a better investment than the camera.

1 Photojojo

Lenses that are built like a necklace or keychain in your pocket are very easy to wear and easy to attach to your phone. They are very compact, but have the disadvantage that they do not contain a telephoto lens. The price is about 1400 CZK.

2 Olloclip

Phocus 3 Lens
Set of 3 lenses that will provide even beginners with perfect photography. These are not small lenses, but large lenses that contain a pouch that hangs on the phone. Packaging does not contain a fish eye lens, but otherwise it is perfect in all respects. The price of approx. 2000 CZK may seem great, but sharp pictures are guaranteed here.

3 Phocus 3 Lens

iPro Series 2 Trio Kit
High-quality set of 3 lenses, available with a retractable bushing. The only thing that can be said about it is compatibility with iPhone 5 and the price of around 4500 CZK. This is the equipment for demanding photographers. It includes wide-angle lenses, fish eye and telephoto lenses.

4 iPro Series 2 Trio Kit

Phocus 2 Lens
A set of 2 lenses and cases that perfectly fit your phone. This is a cheaper option, the whole set of fish eye lenses and the telephoto lens comes out for about $ 1,500. Lenses and case are made of solid military plastic.

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