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Are you looking for the most popular app? We introduce you cryptos

t took only a few days for CryptoKitties to become an Internet sensation. Modern Tamagoch ​​breaks records on all fronts and users are willing to spend thousands of crowns for these cute kittens. One user would be willing to pay more than 2.4 million crowns for a new pet.

The game works with kryptomena and is anonymous

Whoever has spent the sum of money for a kitten did not reveal the creators. The application is based on anonymity and the players know each other only under nicknames. Do you wonder why someone is willing to spend so much money on a virtual pet? Maybe it’s not as stupid as it seems at first glance.

Individual kittens evolve over time and increase their value. For players who bought a kitten for several million, this can be a thoughtful investment.

This is not the most expensive cat on the market. There is also one you can buy for 383,555 eterhereum coins. With the current course it does more than 3.3 billion crowns.

For so much, few people buy a virtual pet. Most cats prices are around 500 crowns. Subsequent care of “tamagots” increases its value and is therefore an investment for worse times. However, it is a question of how long the interest in the game will dwindle, leaving only the eyes for crying.

Simple concept not here for the first time

CryptoKitties are no news, at least as to the principle on which the game is based. Animal care was here earlier. But what breaks the record is the success of the game for how long it has come into the players’ subconscious. In just 3 days since its release, it has earned its creators 65 million crowns.

Another record is in the form of the technology used by the application. It is a user-centric cryptomimeter and is one of the first applications to gain considerable attention. All purchases take place in cryptogenic ether, which can be purchased for real money.

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