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On the Internet, beware of anonymity

What are you afraid each time your child sits behind a computer and opens an internet browser that he is in danger? Take care of their anonymity.

Internet and anonymity – is it all together?

Small children and the Internet – unfortunately, we can not prevent this connection nowadays, but how do we protect them from imaginarily drowning in this “sea of ​​dangerous pitfalls”? Do you think it’s enough to turn your computer into anonymous mode and win it?

Although the name “anonymous mode” evokes overall anonymity, it is by no means the case. It’s only for specific types of computers that remove all traces of visited sites when you close your browser. Likewise, no other methods are 100% anonymous, so nothing unfair in the anonymous regime goes to anyone. There is always a way to find out about this user.

Unfortunately (or farewell?), You can never remain completely anonymous – so, for example, what kind of page you are visiting, it will be somewhere else somewhere to know, it just can not be avoided. However, these other data can already be quite well protected. In particular, there is no need for information to be entered on the Internet unless it is strictly necessary.

So, for example, an address needs to be entered only when ordering things from an e-shop, but it’s no longer necessary to enter it for example on social networks and so on. What, for example, do they have from facebook? It really is not necessary to enter information about you where it is not strictly necessary. And if you still need to sign up for your registration, you can also mention an unreal address, or one that you do not share. No one will surely verify it.

The only guaranteed way to be completely invisible on the Internet is to disconnect the internet cable. To be anonymous, that’s only one – fear. In particular, it is most important that you do not enter your credit card details anywhere, of course, except for the forms we fill in when purchasing certain goods online.

The Internet is simply full of unknown concepts, but with careful surfing, you will soon find out what it means and, most importantly, how to behave on a broad Internet plan to minimize the risk of danger that you encounter every time you run your browser.

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