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Boost the performance of your laptop. A smart box will help you

Laptops have always been a compromise. To have the body thin, you need to find components that do not take up too much space. This is, however, at the expense of performance. Powerful laptops are like saffron, so Asus has decided to come up with a solution to performance problems. Introduces a smart box that will boost the performance of your laptop.

Focus on graphics cards and their performance

Graphics cards in Notebooks will only be exchanged for benefits. Practically it is impossible and only a few notebooks offer the exchange of graphics cards. This is due to constructions and technologies that can not be changed during the march. The only way to improve the performance of a video card is to connect a new card. Now imagine that you would connect it just as you do in the case of an external drive. This is precisely what Asus engineers have decided to do and come up with the new XG Station Pro.

Stylish aluminum box for the most demanding

The smart box is ready to work with the latest Nvidia and AMD core graphics cards. Everything is seated in a beautiful aluminum model, which can include the most powerful models you currently find on the market. You can easily connect to your laptop through the expanded Thunderbolt 3 standard.

For all notebook users, the new features deliver high-performance graphics that is suitable for the most demanding professional applications such as video rendering, 3D design, or scientific modeling. Of course, you can also use the box to play games that could not be run on the integrated graphics chip. Your notebook will become a powerful desktop computer after connecting the box.

While XG Station Pro delivers higher performance, the graphics cards will not deliver the maximum performance they can get when connected to a desktop PC slot. Yet this is an interesting solution to get enough performance at a reasonable price.

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