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How to care for your notebook when extreme heat is out there

Extreme heat is dangerous not only for people but also for machines. Notebooks and computers do not like it when they’re hot. A high temperature can cook the notebook as well as water or frost. If you do not want to lose your device, you need to protect it. In this article we’ll talk about how to do it.

Desktop computers are better protected

Classic desktop computers are better equipped for the heat. They have larger dimensions, more space between the components and are equipped with powerful cooling. Laptops do not have that comfort and thanks to the compact body it is not possible to mount them with a bigger cooler. Because of this, they are much more susceptible to extreme temperatures. And no matter what direction.

Extreme temperatures can cook your computer while running
The most common mistake for laptop owners is poor use. In most cases, the laptop is located on the lap in the bed, where all the air intake holes are clogged. The fan does not then cool down and overheating occurs.

Notebooks are automatically switched off at 100 ° C, but temperatures of about 50 ° C can cause irreparable damage. We recommend using a special pad that allows air flow and prevents overheating. Using them will reduce your notebook’s temperature by up to 10 ° C.

Be careful also to carry

If you travel a lot with your laptop, it’s definitely worth a good bag or backpack to protect your device while traveling. Choose high-quality material that is airy and does not work as a notebook furnace. Always turn the notebook off and never have it in a hybrid or other mode when storing it in the bag. This prevents unintentional starting and possible overheating.

If your laptop is overheated, stop working on it, place it in a cooler environment and let it rest. This saves you from the risk of damage.

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