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Remove the dron from the sky using a special rifle

Drones have been very popular in recent years, and millions of people around the world are taking breathtaking shots from high heights. But at first glance, this has a lot of shady pages. Lehkovazni owners send them to places where they have nothing to claim. To these naughty users, DroneShield – a special rifle that removes the drones from the sky – is about to get stuck.

Just aim and the dron disappears from the sky

DroneShield’s rifle bears the simple name of DroneGun. At first sight it is indistinguishable from the classic rifle. However, to shoot true projectiles this rifle can not. Instead of classic bullets, it is equipped with a special radio waves transmitter that can control every dron in the sky. All you need to do is head to the dron.

Everything works on a very simple principle. The dron that moves in places where he has nothing to look for moves with this rifle. The communication between the drone and the pilot is abruptly interrupted. Control takes over the rifle and the shooter can land with the dron wherever he wants. The owner of the dron will lose his fun, if he does not see the “shooter” and ask him to return.

Manufacturers are proud of the technology that should really be controlled by every dron. It does not matter which manufacturer or model will act. The only condition is good and direct visibility to the flying object, which must not be more than two miles from the rifle.

For whom the rifle is intended

If you are looking forward to cooking your neighbor, you will be disappointed. DronGun will not be available for sale. The company is under the control of the US Aviation Authority, which will determine the conditions under which it will be sold. The weapon should be available only to selected entities that need to guard the airspace, and the drones pose a high security risk.

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