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Apps for school children

Holidays are over and the new school year ahead of us. For all schoolchildren, worries and learning-related trauma begin. However, if you want to extend your holiday or at least relieve your stay in the school, get some of the apps you’ve got. Thanks to these applications, it can handle everything left-handed and has plenty of time for out-of-school activities. So keep smart phones and scrambled applications.

Unit Converter – Unit Converter

Why learn unit transfers when you tap into your smartphone in a few seconds, and you will know the result even faster. This is exactly what the Unit Converter can handle in terms of length, weight, width, speed, temperature or pressure.

Geometry in the pocket

Numbers, calculations, and mathematics will stay for a while. High-quality Geometry application is a pocket that offers you easy access to geometry knowledge. Within the application, you simply calculate the square, triangle, trapezoid, and other shape dimensions. The application also includes patterns and calculations for a cone, pyramid or sphere and many other objects.

Periodic table – chemistry for one

Higher Girls is chemistry and its complicated periodic table. However, you’re behind the water. It offers you everything you need in the chemistry class. You will find all 118 elements along with additional information in the table.

Pockets in your pocket – no one will be smarter

Whether you use this app to go to school or try it in a tight bench test, one thing is certain, this app will replace your brain. The application offers a variety of pull-outs and scrapbooks from all kinds of items. You can also record your own notes and drawers here. Whether you use it to do good or evil, you will not have a better partner.

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