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The big heat does not show the notebooks

Large desktop computers are better prepared than laptops. Thanks to larger dimensions, more efficient fans come in, while the notebooks have a compact body so they can not be fitted with any other radiator. Although the temperature sensors inside the laptop can automatically shut down at an extreme temperature of …

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Great Android app for multitasking

Useful multitasking applications like saffron. In today’s Android apps, we’ll show some. First, simple application controls will get you through your practical features. We will not delay and go straight to the point.

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Apps from Google Play that can not escape you

Again, a few applications have emerged on Google Play that require your attention. This time, we have a tool that quickly and easily changes the application icon. Next, let’s look at the distribution of screens and eventually introduce a video streaming program. Ok lets go.

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Online hazard attracts young people more than alcohol

In recent years, children and adolescents have been shifting from alcohol and drug use to online gambling where they lose money. Because they spend more time at home, they are becoming more and more dependent on the online Internet environment.

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A smartphone like a game console? With a special driver it is not a problem

Smartphones are fast on the mobile market. Every year, they get new fans. However, sophisticated mobile devices are not just for telephoning, navigating, or browsing the Internet. Powerful smartphones are increasingly being used to play games. The disadvantage of mobile phones is the absence of buttons, which makes many players …

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