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Which application on your mobile phone do you use?

You are bored in the waiting room or in public transport, so you automatically pull out your mobile phone and start browsing in your apps. Nowadays it is a complete necessity.

And what is your “appka”?

In today’s modern times, there is nothing unusual that everyone has a cell phone. Even young children in waiting rooms at pediatricians shorten waiting times by browsing on a phone where they have a lot of applications they use everyday.

These applications are constantly overtaking in what attracts more users and who can offer exactly what the broad public wants. Most apps only offer fun, but they are also some that can help and greatly simplify your life.

What are the most popular user applications according to the public survey?

Super Mario Run – This is an iconic game we loved as kids playing on playstations or first computers. Today we can play it on the screen of our smartphone without any problems, and return the nostalgia we experience when we see this favorite man jumping on the hedgehogs or jumping dangerous chimneys with ferocious flowers.
Microsoft To-Do – You have a lot of tasks that you do not have to remember all about, so you write them on the different papers you have in your pockets, but when one of them you need, just do not find it? That is why you are developing this application, in which you will write everything clearly and you will not forget anything.
A Normal Lost phone – Can you count on the fingers of one hand how much you’ve lost your phones? It’s difficult, is not it? I believe that a lot of us who find a cell phone will be right and we will return the phone, but how do we know who it really belongs to? This is the logical game that can tell a lot of facts about the owner.
During holiday and summer months there are also popular travel apps that help us to know the location or show us all the places we should visit and we do not have to ask about the information centers anymore because we have one in our phone.

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