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A smartphone like a game console? With a special driver it is not a problem

Smartphones are fast on the mobile market. Every year, they get new fans. However, sophisticated mobile devices are not just for telephoning, navigating, or browsing the Internet. Powerful smartphones are increasingly being used to play games. The disadvantage of mobile phones is the absence of buttons, which makes many players cheer. Everything should be solved by a special driver that turns every smartphone into a unique game console.

A sophisticated driver is addictive

The GXT 590 BOSI Bluetooth Gamepad is designed for smartphones running Android. Trust introduced it to the market. At first glance, you intercept it with a regular game console for TV console. However, the new has a special hinged stand in the center where the phone is inserted.

The gamepad will play with a smartphone of up to 6.9 inches, which is enough for most of the currently available smartphones.

The name itself suggests that you connect to a smartphone using bluetooth. So you have to insert your mobile and you can start playing. The driver has its own battery that can play up to 30 hours of play.

There are 13 buttons on the driver, which are distributed as classic controls from commonly available consoles. A big plus is vibrational feedback. The Gamepad also enables Direct input and X-Input control. The package includes a micro USB cable.

Another game controller

Last week, Trust has released another driver for PlayStation 3 or Android-powered computers. The Trust GXT 560 NOMAD Gamepad comes with rubberized surfaces and flat handles. Otherwise, it has the same button layout as the regular gamepad

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