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Do not you want to run after the authorities? Hire a person

You can borrow anything today. From money, tools, cars, etc. It’s no surprise anymore. In the foreseeable future, a person could also find standard rental items. At least that is the goal of the inventor from Sony.

Human Uber in practice

Conference calls are a common part of our lives. It is no problem to transmit the image and the sound remotely. With video calls, people can see and hear even thousands of miles apart. Lots of business meetings take place remotely, for example, soldiers can see with their loved ones when they are on foreign missions. Again, this is something that has been between us for a long time.

However, Sony’s inventor Jun Rekimoto is far ahead. The video call technology has been linked to a living person through his idea. In simple form – the alternate puts on the helmet with display and loudspeaker. The alternate then does what you need. Surrounding people see your face on the display and hear your voice but the body belongs to someone else. You see and hear what your replacement is doing.

With a simple program, you write commands on what to do or where to go. Maybe you find the idea crazy, but it will find your application.

For people suffering from a mental disorder

You will find a question on the company’s website asking if you want to live fully without having to get out of bed. The website offers a ChameleonMask product that allows you to use the services listed above. At first glance, stupidity, but the invention could be used at a time when you do not want the authorities. Instead, send another person who will answer for you, but he will do everything in your presence. This method is also great for people suffering from a variety of traumas and problems. If you are not able to leave the apartment, you will certainly appreciate such a substitute

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