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Android apps you need to try out

Again we have three great apps for you that will suit you. Do you need to know how strong your Wi-Fi signal is and in which room is the strongest? Or do you like to read, but are not you lately? Then there’s a Radiotherapist for you. Finally, we cook something good. So it’s fun for fun.

WifiHeatmap – What is the coverage of a home Wi-Fi network

Do you have Wi-Fi at home, but are you often angry? You are not accidentally in the wrong room. Test signal coverage with this app. All you have to do is go through the site and the application will find out the signal. Using a simple tutorial you will learn how to control the application and how to measure everything.

The app size is only 4MB and you can use it on devices running Android 5.0 or higher.

Available on Google Play.

Radiotherapist – Listen to your favorite books on the go

This time we will offer you an app that comes from our regions. Radiotherapist is the application of Czech Radio. You can simply download and listen to the best of Czech and world literature. You can listen to books online for free or download them to your app. You can listen even if you are out of the Wi-Fi signal.

The installation package is 8 MB and the application is for Android 4.0 or higher.

The radiotelephone is available on Google Play.

Recipes – easy and fast

If you like to cook, you will definitely appreciate this great application. Originally, the app is called Recipes, and it’s mainly based on the community of users who share their recipes with others. You can simply draw inspiration or record your own recipe to astonish your audience.

Easy recipe sharing is a matter of course, whether you create it with photos or video clips. You can also chat with other chefs.

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