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Apps for your Android that you have to try out

Again there is our Android app series that you can not miss. In this work we bring you three explosive applications. First, we’ll introduce a program that remakes your smartphone into a computer mouse. You can look forward to a healthy cookbook and the last of us is the WeDJ application. Here we go!

Make a mouse from your phone using WifiMouse

WifiMouse is an application that you will say you do not need it at all. Once you try it, you will not want to. Can turn the phone into the touch screen to control your computer. It works just like a touchpad. You will appreciate this feature when you do not want to get out of bed and need to do something at a distance. There are a number of similar apps in the store. Most of them, however, are paid.

Meals smart and healthy. There is a Paleosnadno app

Czech applications especially for eaters who like healthy food. For all lovers of Paleo diet there is the Paleosnadno application. It contains mainly low carbohydrate dishes. In addition, it is completely in Czech and, over time, more recipes are added. In the application, you can choose according to the recipe name, choose according to taste, popularity or pass through each category of breakfast, soup, main course, lettuce,

Try mixing your music and have your home party ready

Are you interested in a DJ career? So download the WeDJ app, which is great for mixing music on a smart device. Easy music mixing, intuitive interface and beautiful graphics await you in this unique application. More advanced users will appreciate the flexible layout that will allow you to decompose everything as needed. The ideal start of your musical career.

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