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Mobile applications for virtual reality

If the VR really attracts you, nothing prevents you from trying it. Introducing the best mobile games for the VR that you use with virtual eyeglasses with a phone extension, such as Google Cardboard or many others.


Rollercoaster is one of the most popular virtual applications. Many users have been disappointed that this is not a game, but yet you can experience great entertainment with the app. The user is in a roller coaster and enjoys a ride on it. It is particularly pleasant to look at the 360 ​​° full angle. Although your app will not get bogged down for a long time, it will show you what the virtual environment offers.


A simple game that is primarily intended for children. The player turns into a firefly that collects coins and avoids obstacles. The Firefly Kingdom has been attacked and the player has the opportunity to see how it is in their lives. The game changes the environment and although there is only a simple graphic, the download game definitely stands.

House of Terror

If you are a mystery fan, this game will quickly get you. In a virtual reality, you move to a terrifying place, into a mysterious old house where you will gradually uncover the story and the different tracks to reveal what happened in the house. The path is crossed by various puzzles, but also monsters. The game is mysterious and can be scared, elaborated to the last detail and its quality is testified by the positive feedback of the players.

Jurrasic VR

Whether you are interested in dinosaurs or not, a trip behind them is a VR experience. In this game, the user has the opportunity to meet a variety of dinosaurs in their natural environment. It is not just a visual experience, the game can be controlled, you just have to look in a certain direction and the player goes in that direction, so you can explore the whole dinosaur park. The game is suitable not only for children but for anyone who is not afraid of living fossils.

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