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The new generation of action GoPro cameras is here!

GoPro Hero 5 Session and Hero 5 Black were introduced to the general public only a week ago. However, domestic retailers have already included them in their offer. The price at which the action camera can be bought is more or less equal to the amount for which the last models of both news were offered. Electronics vendors are continuing the trends they have set up last year.

The price exceeds ten thousand crowns

Price news does not manipulate anything. Smaller version of Hero 5 Session is available for 8999 CZK, and for the bigger model Hero 5 Black you pay less than 12,000 crowns. In case you want to compare the price, you will not help much. The prices differ to a maximum of several crowns. Do not expect significant price fluctuations. Most likely, these are prices recommended by the manufacturer.

You can only pre-order the new model of the action camera. The exact date of issue and launch of the sale is not known. Most likely, vendors will wait for storage around mid-October.

What are the news

GoPro Hero 5 Black brings a number of new features. One of the improvements that users appreciate is the absence of a waterproof case. The camera is newly waterproof itself. It also has a touch screen (2 inches) that extends across the back. Other interesting changes are found inside the device. The new features a GPS sensor that will provide you with information on the location where the photo or video was taken.

The Hero 5 Black is equipped with a 12x magnet resolution chip and is capable of capturing 4K videos at 30 frames per second. For filming in Full HD, 120 frames per second are ready. New image stabilization is also available.

For the Hero 5 Session, the compact size is especially advantageous. The model is also capable of shooting 4K video at 30 frames per second. However, it is not equipped with its own display and thus retains its small size. However, it is now possible to control it by voice.

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