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Facebook – the phenomenon of today’s times?

Are you also one of those who had to look at facebook right after waking up to find out what’s new and then go for a wash and breakfast?

Is it even without Facebook?

Do you remember your childhood when you played a Persian prince on your computer, or did you get across the streets full of zombies or murderers you had to shoot before they destroyed you? When was your best virtual friend Mario or Duke Nukem? But did you spend the afternoon out of school with your friends and you had your computer just for reward?

Now it’s different, we all see it. Children in a medical waiting room sit quietly on mobile phones and either play games or facebook passes. Can you imagine that today’s modern children will live the same way as X years ago? Do you think they could do it without social networks and smart mobile phones?

One Danish organization conducted Facebook research on human dependence and the result was not surprising to experts. It turned out that people who were denied access to facebook had higher values ​​of happiness. The fact is that Internet users are more exposed to depression, although this is not obvious at first glance.

The problem is that people are stimulated through social networks, become addicted, and long-term impersonal communication supports depressive relationships. Much depends on whether the Internet is a means of communication or self-employment.

It turns out that the more they feel insecure, the more they share their privacy with others, for example through facebook, and they often boast about what they have done, how they fall in love and what they do. Often, these situations are in the process of development, and one clearly explains how he wants everything to happen, and then he recovers himself mentally and the bad result just crushes him more than anyone else tells.

According to statistics, people spend on Facebook on average 2.5 hours per day and only 3% do not use access to social networks.

But what happened today’s time to be virtual?

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