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Are you selecting a book reader? We’ll advise you how to do it

Book Reader is a handy device that lets you take your favorite books anytime, and you will not even notice it. It is also a great gift under the tree. The range of different book readers is quite wide. Here are some tips on how to avoid losing your electronic reader.

There are two options to choose from

Ebook readers are divided into two categories – a black and white monitor made of electronic paper and an LCD display. The second option can be classified as a classic tablet computer. Both technologies have their advantages but also the disadvantages.

Electronic paper is very similar to a classic book. The screen is not backlit, so reading on the electronic device is easier on your eyes. The displayed text is contrasting and is beautifully read in sharp sunlight. The display is dull and at night it is necessary to turn it on. But there are also models that are backlit in the market.

Another interesting feature of electronic paper is the setting option. You can set font size or grayscale for text. On the market, you will most often encounter readers with a 6-inch display, which is enough for people with weaker eyes. The torch’s stamina is also great. On one charge, the reader can run for several weeks. The drawback is a slow rendering, and you wait for a moment when you turn the pages. For this reason, this type of reader is not suitable for watching videos.

The attraction for most users will be a LDC reader. This device offers a much wider range of uses and is also suitable for watching movies. However, many electronic paper readers also offer multimedia features.

However, other choices must be taken into account when choosing. Do you need a wi-fi connection or do you also want a SIM card slot? This solution offers the ability to access the internet anytime on the move, as well as the purchase of books.

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