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Practical dictionaries in pocket for Android

Google Play offers a wide range of dictionaries. Some are of inferior quality, others are top helper in a foreign country. Today, we will introduce a basic set of unique dictionaries that are quality, easy to use and offer more useful features. Ok lets go!

Master of all dictionaries – Google Translate

If he missed our Google Translate menu, there would be something wrong. A very simple application that will provide you with an English-Czech offline dictionary. However, it is also possible to extend the range of languages. The advantage of the application is that you can also download individual dictionaries offline, so you do not need an Internet connection. The dictionary works great at all times and also offers the possible meanings of individual words according to the context.

Great Dictionary of Foreign Words

This dictionary contains almost 19,000 foreign words and expressions. This is an offline dictionary and you do not need to be connected to the Internet to use it. Every time you run, the application offers you the word of the day. Each word is accompanied by a practical explanation to help you better understand it. The advantage of the application is also the ability to adjust the font size.

Ultralingua Dictionaries

The Ultralingua Dictionary is one of the better things Google Play offers. The free version offers an English dictionary including a thesaurus. For other languages ​​you have to pay around 100 CZK. In addition to the meaning of the word, the application also offers synonyms, examples in the sentence, and possible slang meaning and similar expressions. The dictionary Ultralingua Dictionaries is simply one of the dictionaries that offers complete language services that you need abroad. The disadvantage is the need to buy individual languages, but if we compare it with all the features it offers, the price is minimal.

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