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Apps for your Android – app for schoolboys and other interesting news

Google Play never sleeps and that’s why we have other interesting apps ready for you to use in every situation. Today we will focus on one application that will be appreciated by all schoolchildren. Other apps will alert you in time for bad weather. The latest application will help you with file transfer and will make it a lot easier when you need a different file type.

Captured App for Students – SnapNotessnapnotes

SnapNotes is primarily targeted at schoolboys, but also busy managers can use this app. If you do not want to write notes and notes on a whiteboard during lectures and meetings, you can use SnapNotes. Your application scans the whiteboard through the camera and crops the resulting photo, adjusts the contrast, etc. Within seconds, you have digital scrapbooks in the world and premium quality.

The advantage of this app is also a feature that captures your notes by the time of purchase and can group new entries by subject. He has a thumbs up for us.

Minimalist weather application – Umbrella Alertumbrella-alert

Do you worry about the weather application that fits all the details you do not need? Then we have the right application for you. Umbrella Alert is a minimalist weather application. If you need to know whether it will rain or not, this app is the right one for you. Appka does not have its own interface, it only makes your initial settings, and the rest of it has a lack of practical notification. You set the time to alert you and your app reminds you every day whether you want to take an umbrella or sunglasses.

Convert files in a few seconds – Easy File Convertateasy-file-converter

Most files conversion programs are not really good. The transfer takes a long time and often does not end successfully. The easiest and best option is to get Easy File Converter to handle a wide range of formats. Try it with documents, pictures, videos, looky or presentations. Entire application is very simple and intuitive.

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