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The Sims 4 computer game enjoys both small and large players

As long as you like the The Sims computer game, you will surely not miss another enhanced sequel. The game is recommended for players from 12 years of age. The game can play, but the younger children, it is important that they can already read. This game will surely inspire adult gamers as the older generation will surely remember the original version of the game. Compared to previous games, Sims are smarter. They show their emotions and feelings far more.

When creating people, you can choose the look of your Sim, but also the character features and features. With Sims, you can set whether Simik will be a bodybuilder or a fuller. You can add different tattoos, piercings or earrings to them. I can add some flaws to beauty. This means that your Sim can have various birthmarks or ears like scratches.

You can create people as young children, teenagers, younger adults, middle-aged adults and retired people.

Buildings where Sims live are much more luxurious and furniture more modern. There is also the opportunity to build your own houses and buildings. You also have a choice of different rooms already furnished.

Sims can visit each other or travel for fun, instruction, or sport.

Once again, The Sims can flirt, kiss or even have sex with the person. Depending partners can have descendants together.

Siminka, who is waiting for a baby, may feel very bad. He may also have morning sickness. The sims show their negative emotions if they have an unpleasant event.

Children and adults go to work and school. According to their abilities, they improve their skills.

Sims can also make unpleasant pieces in the game. This makes The Sims 4 really like real life.

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