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Find out about your phone with My Device

A smart phone or tablet is a sophisticated device that holds lots of powerful hardware inside. Few people, however, really know the complete “bowel” content of their devices. If you want to know about all the sensors and other widgets of your mobile phone, My Device is the right one for you.

Complete information about your phone within a few seconds

While there are a few phone and device information on your phone, you will not get complete information. You can search the internet, but accurate information is not easily available. My Device does not offer anything new, but it pleases in a user-friendly environment and simple control. What information will the app provide you with:

and more
When you start the application, you get basic information about the phone. Another option is to click on the scrolling menu to give you more detailed information. Look for a clear list of your processor, what the number of cores or how much memory your phone has or what the battery is. With a few clicks, you get all the necessary and detailed information about your phone.

Get information about all features and applications

Another interesting application option is a clear list of all the features and applications your phone has. Installed applications split into User and System tabs. However, we lack more detailed information. Only the listing itself is available.

My Device does not contain as detailed information as some other applications that scan your mobile phone. However, it has a simple and easy user interface. It is clear and one of the few is dedicated to sensors. In addition, it is available for free, no ads, and only takes 4.5 MB

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