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Why use Adblock?

We live in a world where there is advertising on us from every side and it is not different in the world of the Internet. They often make our lives uncomfortable, but sometimes they can be of use to us. Whether it’s a bad or good ad, we can not just make it out on the street. But the Internet is different. Did you know that ads on some sites can be blocked using a simple Adblock app for free?

How to get Adblock on your device?

first make sure you are using a browser
go to the Chrome Web Store and type Adblock in the search engine
At the top right click to add to Chrome, Adblock will install itself into your browser

What is Adblock useful for?

Adblock is most used to watch videos not only on Youtube but also on many other sites. Adblock can save you a lot of time, because you do not have to watch the ads that are full of Youtube today. Let’s show how much time Adblock can save you in a single year.

We come out of the idea that you are a teenager who spends watching videos on Youtube for 2 hours a day. Youtube features ads that can be skipped within 5 seconds of the beginning of your ad tracking. There are also ads that can not be skipped and last about a minute.

let’s say you watch one video on average for 4 minutes
in 2 hours, you can watch 20-30 videos
every second video will show you the five-second ad (ie 15 ads)
every tenth ad will show a minute ad (ie, about 2 ads)
it will show you that you’ll see more than 200 seconds of ads a day
weekly it does 1400 seconds
monthly 5600 seconds
ads per year
The entered numbers are purely consideration. The fact is that it can be even more. Someone spends more time watching videos, someone less.

Another calculation is possible if you release any song list on Youtube. Within one hour, Adblock blocks hundreds of ads.

Whether these numbers seem large or small, Adblock’s importance remains the same. It’s here that you do not have to constantly click on to skip the ad to enjoy your favorite video without interference.

There are sites that are forbidden to use Adblock. You do not have to worry about getting to the site. Just click on the red palm with the left mouse button and choose to pause Adblock right at the top. Similarly, put it back into operation.

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