Prestashop is the most ideal platform for your e-shop

Stone shops are literally rolled up today with offers of modern e-shops. Selling and buying them is now a matter of course for many retailers and customers, and most importantly, how to get as many customers as possible and how to get the most goods possible. These are the indisputable advantages of the e-shop, so you should offer your goods and services to you as well.

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Refurbished laptops and computers will save you money

Need to buy a new notebook or desktop computer, but do not want to put all your money on it? Also, do you need the machine to be efficient enough to work with it without difficulty? Nothing is impossible. Your wishes will be met by remanufactured machines, which will also make you more sustainable and help protect the environment.

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The largest fair of consumer and computer technology has brought interesting news

In January 2018, an event was held in Las Vegas for all consumer and computing enthusiasts. If you are one of them, you have certainly figured out what it is about. Yes, we mean the International Consumer Electronics Show or CES. We have an overview of the most interesting news you could see.

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Are you interested in human anatomy? Then you should not miss Human Anatomy Atlas

There are apps that go to dragon and apps that will never spoil the bars of the most downloadable app of the month. Although these applications are not popular, they have their qualities. One of them is the Human Anatomy Atlas 2017, which provides a detailed overview of the human body in one set. If you study a medical school or you have a human body like a hobby, you should not miss this application.

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The Sims 4 computer game enjoys both small and large players

As long as you like the The Sims computer game, you will surely not miss another enhanced sequel. The game is recommended for players from 12 years of age. The game can play, but the younger children, it is important that they can already read. This game will surely inspire adult gamers as the older generation will surely remember the original version of the game. Compared to previous games, Sims are smarter. They show their emotions and feelings far more.

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Why use Adblock?

We live in a world where there is advertising on us from every side and it is not different in the world of the Internet. They often make our lives uncomfortable, but sometimes they can be of use to us. Whether it’s a bad or good ad, we can not just make it out on the street. But the Internet is different. Did you know that ads on some sites can be blocked using a simple Adblock app for free?

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Microsoft has revealed its plans with the Scorpio console. It will be the most powerful console

Microsoft has been providing information to the public about the new Xbox TV console for a long time. According to all the available reports, it will be the most efficient machine in its class. Microsoft’s courageous words also confirm newly released information and parameters about the new Xbox Scorpio console.

Great plans with a new game console
In the middle of last year, Microsoft introduced a new game console, codenamed Scorpio. However, since the publication, there was no silence along the trail and detailed information available to the public.

Now everything has changed. Although the software giant did not show the design of the new console, he introduced all the technical parameters. It is obvious, therefore, that the novelty will indeed be very strong.

Under the hood, the gaming console will have an eight-chip chip that can handle at 2.3 GHz. Graphics consists of 4 specially modified 1172 MHz computing units. Total Scorpio will deliver six teraflops and is one of the most powerful consoles of the current generation.

What are the benefits of high performance?
High performance enables full-featured gaming at 4K resolution, more detail and a finer picture. It should be noted that there is not a number of powerful gaming machines available for the fully featured 4K game.

In addition to the technical parameters, no further information has been revealed. It is still a mystery about what the novelty looks like. We will have to wait for this information on Friday.

Competition is lagging behind that
Sony, competing with the new PS 4 Pro, plans to play at a high 4K resolution. However, it turned out that the console would convert games from lower to higher. The resulting image will be better, but the image does not match the quality of a full-fledged 4k standard. Additionally, in true 4K resolution, the Pro works only for a few games and various movies or videos. So it’s a question of how a competing company responds to Microsoft’s news.