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Online hazard attracts young people more than alcohol

In recent years, children and adolescents have been shifting from alcohol and drug use to online gambling where they lose money. Because they spend more time at home, they are becoming more and more dependent on the online Internet environment.

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A smartphone like a game console? With a special driver it is not a problem

Smartphones are fast on the mobile market. Every year, they get new fans. However, sophisticated mobile devices are not just for telephoning, navigating, or browsing the Internet. Powerful smartphones are increasingly being used to play games. The disadvantage of mobile phones is the absence of buttons, which makes many players …

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Practical dictionaries in pocket for Android

Google Play offers a wide range of dictionaries. Some are of inferior quality, others are top helper in a foreign country. Today, we will introduce a basic set of unique dictionaries that are quality, easy to use and offer more useful features. Ok lets go!

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Competition for MacBook Pro in the form of Xiaomi

Chinese company Xiaomi is known for its smartphone production. However, it is not the only area that it focuses on. In his portfolio he has a number of great laptops. Like mobile phones, there’s no inspiration at Apple. The same is true of the new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, which …

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Android apps you need to try out

Again we have three great apps for you that will suit you. Do you need to know how strong your Wi-Fi signal is and in which room is the strongest? Or do you like to read, but are not you lately? Then there’s a Radiotherapist for you. Finally, we cook …

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Apps for your Android that you have to try out

Again there is our Android app series that you can not miss. In this work we bring you three explosive applications. First, we’ll introduce a program that remakes your smartphone into a computer mouse. You can look forward to a healthy cookbook and the last of us is the WeDJ …

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